Moving into New Home
When you purchase a new home, whether you are the first or tenth owner, it is very crucial to rekey the locks as soon as possible. This is because you may not be aware of who else out there has a copy of your house keys and what their intentions are. Remember that security should be a top concern when you move into your new home. Rekeying the lock is a process where tumblers of the lock cylinder are changed with other tumblers of different sizes. When the process is done, the old keys can no longer be used to access the house. This is an excellent option for a person who wants more control over the people who can get into the house. Below are some of the reasons why you must rekey your locks when you move into a new home thanks to the guys over at

Gives you control of who can access your new home

You may be surprised at the number of keys out there that can be used to access your home, something that may be quite unsettling. These could be in the hands of old cleaners, tenants, residents, former staff or maintenance staff, friends and relatives of the previous occupants among many others. Even if you have possession of the keys from previous occupants or owners, there is a high likelihood that they have been duplicated. No one can stop a person who wants to copy a key as it is a simple, fast and cheap affair. When you opt to rekey your new house, you can be assured you are in full control of the people who can access your home keeping away unwanted guests.

Boosts security

BurglaryThere are multiple burglary cases where there are no signs of forced entry are reported. In most of these cases, chances are that duplicated keys were used to gain entry into the property easily. To avoid all this so as to enjoy great peace of mind, it is best to have the locks to your new home rekeyed. This way, whether you are in the house or not, you can be assured that your property as well as people who are in the house are well protected and safe.

It is a cost effective option

Moving into a new house can be quite an expensive affair, and you may not be left with too much money to play around with. You do not have to worry too much about breaking the bank if you want to rekey your locks when you move into a new home as it is not an expensive affair. When compared with replacing the entire locks entirely, you will be pleased to learn that you will end up saving a lot of cash an excellent option especially if you like the current locks and they feel reliable.

Offers incredible convenience

For individuals who would like to unify locks to one key, rekeying is a brilliant option that works out pretty well. Having one key saves the confusion of having numerous keys on a single key ring offering great convenience that some people love. You will also not have to deal with the weight of carrying around many keys. This also means that they do not have to fumble around with all the keys when they are home something that can be quite frustrating especially when it feels like you are taking a million years to find a single key.

Gets you in the good books of insurance companies

InsuranceThere is no insurance company that is attracted to a “high risk” client as they are typically bad for business. For a small reason, you will possibly have to pay higher premiums that might not be fair. Giving your locks a fresh start by rekeying them can give you a slight advantage when working with home insurance companies to get better terms. The fact that you have control over who has the keys to your house can be a huge plus with some insurance companies who require this in order to provide full coverage for the house and its contents.

Lets you enjoy some privacy

Should you opt to rekey your locks when you move into a new home, you can be assured that you will be enjoying uninterrupted privacy in your home. You do not have to keep looking over your shoulder when you are in your house which implies that you can go about your business without worrying too much. Regardless of whether you want to come home and go straight to bed or just want to enjoy a quiet evening with someone special, you are sure that no one will come budging in because they have an extra key spoiling all the fun.

It can be done fast

Many homeowners are concerned with the amount of time that is spent rekeying locks. There is nothing to worry about in terms of investing time. The entire process can take a few minutes allowing you to have the new key in your hands before you even know it. Thus, you do not have to take the day off or worry about cancelling important appointments just to have the locks rekeyed. The rekeying process only involves changing the cylinder reason why the task can be completed quickly.

Even though it’s possible to modify the locks on your own, it is usually best to look for a reputable and reliable locksmith to come and do the job. These should be experts who have an extensive list of references from clients who are happy with the work that they did to make certain you only hire the best in the industry. They come with the right tools and experience needed to offer the desired results without too many complications. This ensures that the job is done in the proper way the very first time and you are not left dealing with problems such as doors refusing to close or open because the lock was not installed in the right way. You may also save yourself some cash hiring the professionals since they will not leave problems that cost money to fix.