Your sendoff party was extraordinary, and you had the time of your life. Now it’s time to go home, and as you stand outside your car rummaging through your pockets, you find to your horror that you don’t have your car keys! To top it all, you don’t even remember where you may have dropped it in the party.

So what do you do now? The only and best thing to do in such situations when you are locked out of not only your car, but also your house or office is to call a professional locksmith. It’s even better if you call in locksmiths who offer emergency lock repair services, who will reach you within a few minutes of your phone call. Here’s some useful info brought to you by our friends over at

Have the necessary tools

Locksmith toolsThis is a much better option than your tinkering with the car locks, hoping you can get it open somehow or the other. This only leads to scratches on your car, is a waste of your time and what tools do you actually have to do all this?

Professional locksmiths have all the necessary tools to handle all types of lockouts. No matter if it is the latest automated locks at your office, or an ordinary lock, locksmiths have a set of tools which can open any lock. If required, they can also quickly cut and program a key for your car so that you can safely head home.

Remember that locks are delicate mechanisms which have to be handled carefully and professionally, and not by amateurs like yourself. Based on the situation and the damage to the lock, your locksmith will either just get you a set of replacement keys or replace the lock if necessary.

Save time replacing bent or snapped keys

If you attempt to open the lock by yourself, you may end up damaging it. Only locksmiths can easily open your locked door with their keys or tools. Just make sure you call a licensed and insured locksmith for the job as they will be opening your car or home for you. Fraud locksmiths may use this to their advantage and try to access your home or car in your absence. Avoid this by hiring only licensed professionals who can be traced if anything amiss happens.

Then again, you may also need to call a locksmith just to replace your bent or snapped old keys. You save time calling them to your place as they can create a replacement key on the spot as you wait.

This takes only a few minutes by professionals who are skilled at the art. It’s definitely better than your taking time out of your busy scheduled to head to their office and have your replacement key made.

New locks while shifting

New lockYou may also need to call locksmiths to replace and not repair locks when you shift into a new rental house. You never know, the old tenants may have made duplicates of the keys of the house, and can thus easily gain access to your home in your absence. While the chance of this occurring are rather low, it’s always better to be on the safer side and have all the locks changed before moving in.

You will also have to replace your home locks if they are old and no longer functioning properly, or if your house was burgled and your house is no longer secure. With new and better locks installed by your locksmith, you can sleep better knowing your house is safe and secure.

To some however, it seems better to repair than replace an existing lock, especially if everyone to the office or home has a key for entry. By repairing the lock, there’s no need of making a new set of keys to give everyone.

Do your research

Whatever the reason may be to calling a locksmith, it’s always better to find out and note down the contact details of one well before you meet an emergency situation. You need to spend some time going through all the available locksmiths to ensure you hire only a licensed and registered one.

You can ask friends or relatives for referrals. All this cannot be done in an emergency, when you are locked out of your car or home in the middle of the night. Without the necessary research, you may end up calling the wrong person and thus only compromise on the safety of your home.

Looking at all this, you now know why you should call a locksmith for lock repairs!