Reasons Why Alarm Systems And High Security Locks Go Together Nicely

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There are many issues that you should address in your home. Some of those issues include: home renovation, cleaning and so on. Did you know that addressing security issues in your home can help you a great deal? Security is one thing that you should not compromise with. You should ensure that you optimize the security of your valuable possessions. There are many ways through which you can optimize the security of your home. One way through which you can ensure that your home remains safe is by installing alarm systems and high security locks. Alarm systems and high security locks go together nicely. The following are the reasons why alarm systems and high security locks go together nicely:
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1. Prevents loss of property due to burglary.

BurglarBurglars normally invade homes that do not have high security locks and alarm systems. However, if you have installed high security locks and alarm systems in your home, burglars will be discouraged from invading your home. If they spot these systems in your home, they will go elsewhere and your possessions will remain safe.

2. Enables you to have some peace of mind.

Peace of mind is very essential to you as an individual. Your home should be a place where you can rest without disturbance. Most people are normally busy during the day and the only place where they can have enough rest is in their homes. When you install both security systems and alarm systems in your home, you can always be assured that you will have some peace of mind at night. In addition, you do not have to be physically at home to guard your belongings. The security systems can actually alert you in case somebody tries to break into your house.

3. Protects your family from carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas. This gas is normally colorless and odourless.They are normally found in combustion fumes. Some of the common sources of this gas include: heating systems, burning wood, stoves and so on. If you inhale this gas for long, you are likely to suffocate and die. However, alarm systems usually have carbon dioxide detectors that can detect carbon monoxide leaks. In addition, these devices help in providing emergency service dispatch as well calling paramedics to attend to you. These alarm systems are indeed incredible.

4. Protects your family from fire.

Fire is a good servant but a bad master. We use it to cook and do other activities but it can cause a disaster if it is not handled properly. Fire can actually burn all your valuable possessions within a short period of time. This can result into huge losses. However, when you install alarm systems in your home, they will always detect fire and thereby mitigate such problems. This is the reason why you should invest in alarm systems. These systems will warn about the sources of heat and contact the authorities. These authorities will immediately respond to your situation.

5. Higher selling price.

When you set up alarm systems in your home and install high security locks, the value of your home appreciates by a great margin. If you happen to sell your home in the future, you will sell it at a higher price. You can actually use that profit to do a few things here and there.

6. Enables you to remotely access your home.

Alarm SystemYou cannot be at your workplace and at your home at the same time. You require to ensure that your property remains safe even when you are at your work place. One way through which you can optimize the security of your home is by installing high security locks in your home. However, did you know that you can maximize the security of your home by installing alarm systems? These alarm systems actually help you to know who is accessing your home when you are away at work. This means that you do not have to be physically present to determine who visited your home while you are away.

7. Low insurance rates.

Most homeowners normally insure their homes against risks such as fire, hurricanes and so on. This type of insurance is called homeowner’s insurance. You will realize that the cost of this insurance normally depends on certain factors such as: payment plans, location, type of the house, insurance company and so on. If your security systems can be monitored by a central monitoring system, you tend to enjoy more discount that those whose security systems cannot be monitored. This actually lower your home insurance rates.

High security locks are very essential to your home. Once you install them, you can be assured that your property will remain safe. However, when you install alarm systems together with high security locks, your security is highly optimized. This is the reason why you should install both alarm systems and high security locks in your home. It is true to say that alarm systems and high security locks go together nicely.

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Why Are August Smart Locks So Good?

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If premium lock technology could be defined using a single product, that product would be the August Smart Lock. Frankly, these locks work like magic. The technological foresight that goes into these locks is heads and shoulders above what most lock manufacturers have to offer. But more than that, August locks work so well you will not want to go back to regular locks once you hear what you are getting.

So, Why Are August Smart Locks So Good?

August smart lock1The makers of August locks believe that lock technology should finally keep pace with the innovations that are pushing the twenty-first century forward – and most people would agree. And thanks to August Smart Locks, you can forget about keys, they are so last century. Your smartphone is all you need to lock and unlock your doors. But the benefits do not end with a nifty little app that relegates metal keys to a different age; the August Smart Lock comes with other important upsides.

To begin with, the process of installing August Smart Locks is pretty “dumb”, which means anyone can do it. So, within no time at all, you August Smart Lock will be good to go. And in case you are wondering, the lock is not as easy to breach as it is to put together. Any intruder will have a hard time trying to get through an August Smart Lock, this piece of equipment can truly hold its own. Besides, with its smart technology, you will still be in control of your lock from wherever you are.

This points us to another August Smart Lock feature, it’s incredible digital system. You can keep track of everyone walking through your door every hour of every day using your mobile Apple or Android device. Even more exciting, you can create virtual keys and give them to family or friends you have allowed to access your premises. In fact, you can even limit the amount of time you want them to have the privilege to operate your lock, and this can range from a couple of minutes to a few weeks. Oh, you can also open your door from afar to let someone in, and then lock it again. Of course, you will also have the power to retract access privileges whenever you feel like.

August smart locksThe convenience of using a smart August lock is also worth a mention. This lock is so smart, it will open the door while you are approaching it, and then lock it behind you once you have gone through the door. So, the last minute fumbling for keys will be a thing of the past. This amazing futuristic technology is one of the best things about August locks. Because of this amazing feature, whenever you get within 100 yards of your door, it will unlock. This means you will get at the door just as it unlocks, and you just have to walk through.

These locks also nail the aesthetics aspect completely. The locks are polished, and certainly look like something right off a sci-fi movie. The lock is also simplistic, yet surprisingly functional for basic locking and unlocking. First of all, you will not need to rip out your current locking system. As a matter of fact, the deadbolt on your current lock has an 80% chance of working with the August locking technology. The lock is also subtle enough not to attract any unwanted attention: from the outside, your door will appear to have a regular lock. Only the inside will have the signature cylindrical August door lock knob.

Another reason why August Smart Locks are so good is that they completely fulfill their intended purpose. They make locking and unlocking a door very interesting and use innovative and intuitive technology while also meeting the anti-intrusion benefits of regular locks. More importantly, these locks makes managing access to your house a extremely convenient, and that alone makes August Smart Locks worth every penny.


As far as lock technology goes, August Smart Locks have certainly raised the bar. This sleek security gadget works seamlessly with your phone to keep your premises secure and give you a futuristic level of convenience. Managing access to your home will also be much easier with August locks at your disposal, all thanks to the virtual keys and the ability to keep track and manage them from wherever you are. But even with this great technology, August locks are surprisingly easy to install and use. Though no perfect locks exist as of today, August Smart Locks certainly come close.

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How Fast Can A Burglar Break Into Your Garage?

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A burglar can break into a garage in a matter of seconds. The fact of the matter is that if there are rumors that you have extremely expensive memorabilia in your garage, then it definitely makes it more likely that your garage can be broken into. Because of the fact that an experienced burglar can get into a garage in a matter of seconds If you are having trouble finding a way to pay for the right security system, so burglars don’t break into your home at rapid speed, you may want to seek what is covered with a homeowners insurance policy. A good locksmith can also have strong relationships within the insurance industry.


A burglar can use a number of tools to break into your garage. A number of burglars may be so desperate to break into your garage that the use of something large like a hatchet is not out of the realm of possibility. A basic padlock may not sound like it will work, but some sort of protection and safety measure is better than no safety measure at all. You do not always have the best plan to protect yourself from a burglar, it can be helpful Alato talk to an experienced locksmith about your options that you can use in order to protect the most valuable assets in your home. Burglars do not like it when you properly fasten the emergency lever in your garage door, this makes sure that you are able to set things up in a proper and detailed fashion. Burglars are going to lock for any hole within a security system.

Alarm Systems

alarmMonitored alarm systems can make a big difference when you know that there has been a potential crime wave in your neighborhood. Alarm systems are something that can be installed by an experienced locksmith. A locksmith that loves technology is definitely going to help you find a way to take care of your garage, making sure that you are able to protect some of your most valuable assets like a car.

Conventional Methods

A number of burglars are going to use conventional methods in order to break into a garage door. A well trained locksmith is going to know how to deal with these conventional methods that simple minded burglars are going to use to get things done. One of the tools that may be used would be wire hangers. The wire hangers are going to be effective against a garage that is properly constructed and tough.

A burglar may try to disable some of the stoppers that are tied to the garage door. The best garage doors have to be able to handle different heavy items potentially coming their way. A burglar that understands different information technology options can certainly find a number of different ways to break into a garage door. You do not want to run into a burglar that knows how to break codes or correctly guess different passwords. The passwords are something that can be fairly simple, but the truth is that you want to make the different passwords fairly complex.


Frozen doorLocksmiths are capable of advising people to use certain types of steel to reinforce a garage door. The steel can make a big difference in the long run as you want to make sure that people do not get into your garage in an attempt to steal your tools. The tools may be associated with a business, and you want to be able to make sure that you have the tools that you need to run a construction business. A good locksmith has to be good at different business to business sales that are out there.


You still want to protect different windows that would allow people to break into your garage. You can put barriers up to make sure your windows are properly protected, and a locksmith can set up the infrastructure in order to get this done. You need to make sure that there aren’t a lot of bricks laying around that people can use in order to break that window, getting into a garage. It may sound silly, but a good locksmith can also have a good lead on a window and glass person that can fix the issue for you.

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The Best Safes For Your Home

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Home safes are often not considered the best options for keeping items such as precious jewelry, past century artifacts or rare coins. Such precious items are better off in the bank safe deposit box. However, things such as birth certificates, family photos, tax records and passports, estate planning certificates, savings bonds, stock certificates and life-insurance documents can be adequately kept safe in home safes. Finding the best safes for home use should not be an overwhelming task especially since there are many of them in the market. Nonetheless, you will need to make a few considerations and compare your options before settling for your ideal choice. The following information is brought to you by our friends down at

Things to note

Before you find the best safes for home use, it is important to clarify a couple of things. Most people install safes in their hoes to protect items from fire, burglary or both. Others install models that offer water resistance as well. Prior to installing any home safe, you should pile up all the items you need locked in the safe to determine the perfect capacity for your safes. The ideal capacity is between 1.1 and 1.4 cubic feet, although this value may change depending on what you have to keep in the safe.

Fire proof safeFire resistance safes – The risk of fire is quite real and it is estimated that within a lifetime, 1 out of 4 cases will warrant calling the fire department. When choosing fire resistant home safes, the main considerations to make are on temperature which is determined by the item to be stored. For paper documents, you should get safes that do not get hotter than 350 degrees inside. For tape recordings and 35mm slides, the interior temperature of the safe should not pass 150 degrees. Computer disks and DVDs are more sensitive to heat and the safe temperatures should not go beyond 125 degrees. Fire resistance safes are rated based on the temperature. Find the right rating for your documents and items. Most home safes are set to offer fire resistance for up to 30 minutes. Since fires tend to move within 20 minutes, 10 more minutes give room to secure a few precious things from the damage. If you can get one with 35 or 40 minutes, the better.

burglary protection safesBurglary protection safes – Most burglary protection safes offered for commercial places have ratings that determine their burglary resistance. TL-15 rated safes for instance can withstand attacks using common tools for up to 15 minutes. Other safes can withstand advanced tools and explosives. Home safes have no such ratings but still offer some form of burglary resistance. A typical 1.2 cubic feet home safe weight about 100 pounds which make it less desirable for thieves who are often in a rush to get their hands full and leave. Some safes include bolt-down kits to further deter burglars from carrying them in the frantic exit. Thieves will choose cameras, phones and lightweight items that they may spot in favor of heavy bolted safes. Other best options are safes anchored on concrete floors or those concealed on walls.

• Water resistance safes – This is often a bonus feature that is found is specific brands of home safes. During modeling, the safes are submerged in water to simulate flooding and broken water pipes. It is much safer to install options that can resist water.

Additional considerations

There are various other important considerations to make if you are to land the best safes for home use. A $25 chest safe may be able to accommodate some important documents. However, buying the $150 1.2 cubic feet home safes is more recommendable. Bigger safes cost much more and while price is the least consideration you should make, it is still important to compare price against value and quality. After you find the perfect safe, install it in the most convenient and safe area within your house. Burglars tend to make their first stop in the master bedroom so avoid keeping your safe there. From a fire resistance standpoint, the basement is a good place. However, areas prone to flooding may present greater risk for basement installations.


There is no single brand of best safes for home use. The popular advice is to purchase from credible licensed distributors who can guarantee original genuine quality. Some brands offer more features and storage space than others. Regardless of your needs, you should find a safe that can resist fire, water and burglary attempts. Home safes should also be complimented with secondary alarm and alert systems including surveillance where necessary.

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9 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make That Burglars That Advantage Of

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Indeed, burglary is a scary and most sucking thing that often affects many homeowners across the globe due to the huge financial downside associated with it. As a homeowner you find it difficult to figure out why the burglar chose your home over the next door. But do you know that it is only very simple mistakes that you make that become the ultimate attraction and invitation to burglars? Therefore, to prevent such problems, it calls for you to be more vigilant and responsible when dealing with the security issues of your home. Hence, here are the common mistakes homeowners make that burglars take advantage of brought to you by the team down at

Leaving your home doors unlocked

Often, many burglary incidents are due to unlocked home doors. Burglars are always ready to take advantage of the reality that a large number of people do not lock their home doors. A burglar would walk to your home, ring the doorbells, and if at all they fail to get an answer the just walk in. Therefore, it is advisable to leave all your house doors and the garage door that is attached to your home locked at all times of the day and night.

Hiding door keys under the doormat or in the flowerpot

welcome matIt is not a difficult thing for a burglar to identify a key hidden under the door mat, under the flowerpot, under a fake rock or in the mailbox. It would be prudent to ensure each individual in your home has a key to the house to avoid those inconveniences that would lead you to hiding the key a specific point. Furthermore, if you have a problem in safekeeping of your key, it is advisable to opt for a deadbolt that is touch enabled.

Disabled alarms

Just like leaving your doors unlocked, disabled alarms are an invite to burglars. If a burglar realizes that your home alarms are not functional, he/she will take advantage of that hitch to burglarize your home leaving you a lot of losses that you would avoid. Therefore, ensure that your home alarms are regularly inspected by an alarm expert to ascertain their efficient functionality.

Your social media postings

social mediaNot all social media platforms will give you privacy of the information you post. Hence, when you take to social media that you will be going on a vacation, a burglar may see you post and take advantage of your absence to make a visit to your home. Therefore, avoid posting about your whereabouts on the social media platforms unless you are assured of the privacy of your posts.

Allowing strangers into your home

A burglar would target your home if you are that person that is always ready to answer the door and allow a stranger to get access to your home. It is by giving a stranger an opportunity to access your home that he/she gets the best platform to gain vital information concerning your home and your belongings. Therefore, to avoid such circumstances, do not open your door to strangers.


Every burglar would take advantage of darkness since they would want to leave unseen. It is advisable to keep your home lights on especially at night. Many home security companies provide light timers and home automation security systems. Therefore, to avoid the worry of arriving home early daily, you can install a light timer or opt for a light control remote that will enable you to switch on the lights regardless of your location or time.

Plain view of valuables

Placing your valuables in a place that can easily be seen could be a clear impression that you are well-off and any potential burglar could try to make an unannounced visit to your home. Therefore, it is not advisable to leave your valuables in the yard where every stranger or passer-by can see.

Use of cheap locks

cheap door locksThere are a variety of locks to choose from in the market today. But it is up to you to choose the one that would be safe to use in locking your door. It is said that you receive what you paid for, so go for that lock that is worth spending on. Cheap locks are often vague and can be forged, hence it is advisable to purchase original locks and be sure you will get what you paid for.

Leaving a climbing ladder in the yard

A ladder can be great aid to burglar since he/she can use it to get access to the unlocked windows. Therefore, to avoid such incidences, it is advisable to have all ladders placed in the store immediately after use.

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Six Best Home Security Tips

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Keeping yourself and your family safe should be your primary concern when it comes to securing your home.  Everyone should be able to feel safe within their own home.  You should feel like no one could ever hurt you there, or come uninvited to steal or rob something from you.  In order to keep your family and your home safe, here are six best tips for you to follow.

1. Install a Smart Lock

A smart lock is not only a cool gadget you can have at your place, but is also a way for you to make your home safer.  Also, you will be able to enter your home by using your smartphone, and all the modern technologies, and it’ll make you feel like James Bond.  Installing a smart lock will become a normal thing in a matter of years, therefore, why not start early and get one right away.


2. Install Quality Safety Windows

Safety windows will prevent burglars from coming in, but they will also prevent all sorts of accidents which might occur regarding windows.  The locks on your windows are important for your safety, but also you should think about the material which your windows are made of, and make sure that you buy quality windows.

3. Install a Dead Bolt Lock

A dead bolt lock is secured in a place, and cannot be wiggled or moved around by key which doesn’t fit in.  Some people prefer to have a dead bolt lock in addition to the look where as a doorknob is.  This provides additional safety, and makes your home more secure.

types-of-door-locks-uk4. Install a Home Security Door

A home security door is definitely something which every home should have.  This kind of door, not only has a metal base, but it also provides top security, with locks coming in deep into door frame.

5. Install Safety Cameras

If you choose to install safety cameras, you will always be on the lookout for unusual things which might happen around your home.  Also, safety cameras will provide you with evidence of any unusual occurrences which might happen.  The safety cameras technology which allows you to catch everything on tape is amazingly affordable nowadays, and can be installed in basically every home.  Installing safety cameras in your home will make both you and other members of your family feel protected and safe with your home.

6. Prevent It If You Can!

If you want to keep your home safe, you should just stay clear of any behavior which might compromise your safety.  Do not to leave your keys under the doormat, or at any predictable places.  Avoid leaving windows open when you leave house.  Try not to forget your keys in the door lock, or at a public place.  By preventing compromising behavior you can keep your home safe.


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