Keeping It Secure With A Padlock

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There are so many applications that can benefit from keeping it secure with a padlock. Some are immobile like sheds, doors, and hatches for inlets. Others can travel like tool boxes, bikes, even backpacks. Padlocks can come in all shapes sizes and colors. The main focus though is always the same. They are a portable means of lock with a shackle that is designed to pass through some sort of opening. And they are meant to prevent vandalism, use, harm, or theft. They are affordable, come in various sizes and fit to specific applications with a key for easy opening.

What sets a padlock apart as unique in looks and function is the very simple workings that have stood the test of time. There is a curved shackle which can swing open then closes back down into the body. Somewhere on the body is a key hole. The key pushes tumblers that unlock the shackle. That is the basics of what makes a padlock a padlock.

Historic Padlocks

Old padlockHistorically the first ancient versions of a padlock were found from a very long time ago. They dated back to five hundred B.C.E. to three hundred C.E. That would be during the Roman Era. Just like today they were used for the same purposes. Only then they were associated to traveling merchants on the trade routes into China and Asia. In China, versions of padlocks have been noted as used since twenty-five to two-hundred and twenty C.E. in the Dynasty of the Eastern Han. Back then keeping it secure with a padlock meant using padlocks made from silver, bronze, brass, and other materials. As far as China goes they preferred using bronze for their padlocks.

In the western world the spring mechanisms of padlocks have been found at the York Jorvik Viking homestead in old England. The York padlock mechanism dated to eight hundred and fifty C.E. It was just after this that these objects first started being called a “padlock.” It was in this part of the world that the padlock was used to keep livestock within paddocks or an enclosure for livestock. This is where the “pad” in padlock is said to have been put into the modern language.

It was after this time period that padlocks where commonly formed from wrought iron and simplified in design. It was during the early nineteen hundreds after the industrial revolution that railroads helped spur more economical padlock production. The way money was saved in production was in stamping the shells for the locks out of flat stock of metal. With less time in production even though they were not as durable as those just before it the economy of the new style attracted more buyers.

Masterlock padlockIn modern padlocks there is a quantitative rating that measures the resistance to entry. Padlocks can be forced open buy means of such entry tools as drills, hammers, chisels and bolt cutters. There are also other ways to open a padlock without the owner’s key. These would include shims, picks, key duplication, and bump keys. The padlock’s ability to resist these types of opening are measured by organizations around the world. This is how they attain ratings instead of just on strength of material as in the early days of padlocks.

The basics of padlocks are the locking mechanism, the body, and the shackle. The shackle is the part that is shaped like a U. In shackle function it usually swings away when the padlock is open or unlocked. Some modern tech has taken this concept to the next level with flexible cable, straight, and circular shackles. As technology advances keep an eye out for the next phase of shackle advancement. And the specialized applications it might bring.

Why use a padlock? Covering the general uses only opened the door to what you can and should use a padlock for. In modern life a security system that fits in the palm of your hand, requires no electricity, and only the use of a key all for one price is what a padlock means. In common uses today treasures of merchants are less likely to use padlocks than things like protecting bicycles and gym lockers. But that is on the go. Around the house, simple all weather applications like tool sheds, tool boxes, and even smaller padlocks for backpacks and luggage are way more usual. One thing is certain, no matter how you use the padlock you will need to keep good track of the key or keep the website of a good high-powered locksmith handy. You may want your gym shorts back.

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Home Security, Locks & Keys

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locksmith-pros3There is no better way of explaining the importance of home security that equating it to life. Think of it this way; the level of security that you have determines whether you and your loved ones are protected against acts of theft, burglary and other forms of home invasion. Such invasions are responsible for unimaginable violence that at times leads to fatalities. In America, for example, there is a burglary every 15 seconds. Therefore, proper home security protects life, important documents and other assets and possessions.

The good thing about proper home security is that it boils down to very simple things; locks, keys and an alarm system. Many people overlook simple measures like replacing locks or hiring a reliable locksmith yet they are paramount in determining whether the home is safe or not. This article features Columbus Locksmith Pros’ advice about proper home security measures.

Why Have A Locksmith?

There are many reasons why you need a blacksmith. For example, locks are house components like any other. For this reason, they require occasional replacement for one reason or another. It is a simple yet paramount process that requires you to have a reliable locksmith like Columbus Locksmith Pros. Below are some reasons why you might need your locks replaced.

Relationship matters: some break-ups, separations and divorces can lead to undesired situations where partners fight for custody of children or pets as well as possession of property. Such people tend to feel entitled and they might try to enter the house without permission. Regardless of how much you trust an ex-partner, it is always advisable to re-key the locks.

When moving in: most landlords reuse keys from one tenant to another. They may also have multiple copies of the key and this simply multiplies the number of similar keys in circulation. New homes are also not as safe as one would think. Plumbers, contractors, HVAC personnel and sales people always have the chance to make their own copies of keys. These situations make it necessary to re-key the locks.

Family and roommates: when children have their own keys, it is only proper to have the locks changed regularly considering that it is generally hard to deter kids from showing other people. Furthermore, kids tend to lose things easily. When roommates move out it is also important to have the locks changed as it is hard to know when they might feel the need to access the house without your permission.

Wear and tear: locks also experience wear and tear due to rusting and deterioration. Worn out locks are weak and can allow unwarranted entry into the house. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct regular checks and replacements.

Break-ins: break-ins and attempted break-ins can provide criminals with access to spare keys and knowledge of your security system. Therefore, whenever they happen it is important to have the locks replaced.

Latchkeys and lost keys: whenever you forget your keys somewhere for a while or whenever they fall into untrustworthy hands (like if a stranger finds them and delivers them to you), it is prudent to re-key the locks. This is owing to the fact that it only takes a few minutes for one to duplicate keys. The same goes for lost keys.

Emergencies: there are certain emergencies such as locking your keys inside the house or when a spare key gets lost. Such situations require a locksmith to ensure that the locks are re-keyed or replaced.

In summary, you should have a locksmith at all times as a plan for a rainy day (one or more of the situations explained above). Don’t wait for the rain before engaging one as that will portray you as a desperate individual and any blacksmith can take advantage of you under the situation.

Why Choose Locksmith Pros

Now that you know why you need a locksmith, it is equally important to know why it should be expert Locksmith Pros. With increasing reports on cases of locksmiths overcharging customers (fraud), it is only paramount to have a single locksmith who you can trust to give you the best services at the appropriate amount.

We also ensure that your needs are attended to immediately they arise. This means that you enjoy 24 hour service so that cases like having to sleep outside your home just because you locked yourself outside at night do not appear in your diary.

You also get to be served by a team of qualified personnel who cannot use your house’s security information for any malicious activities. Some locksmiths are known to access client’s houses without their permission.

We will also advice you on the best security measures to ensure that your home is safe. For example, you can get information on how to store your spare key or the best intercom service to install.

Therefore, spruce up your security level by engaging with us.

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