Reasons Why Alarm Systems And High Security Locks Go Together Nicely

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There are many issues that you should address in your home. Some of those issues include: home renovation, cleaning and so on. Did you know that addressing security issues in your home can help you a great deal? Security is one thing that you should not compromise with. You should ensure that you optimize the security of your valuable possessions. There are many ways through which you can optimize the security of your home. One way through which you can ensure that your home remains safe is by installing alarm systems and high security locks. Alarm systems and high security locks go together nicely. The following are the reasons why alarm systems and high security locks go together nicely:
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1. Prevents loss of property due to burglary.

BurglarBurglars normally invade homes that do not have high security locks and alarm systems. However, if you have installed high security locks and alarm systems in your home, burglars will be discouraged from invading your home. If they spot these systems in your home, they will go elsewhere and your possessions will remain safe.

2. Enables you to have some peace of mind.

Peace of mind is very essential to you as an individual. Your home should be a place where you can rest without disturbance. Most people are normally busy during the day and the only place where they can have enough rest is in their homes. When you install both security systems and alarm systems in your home, you can always be assured that you will have some peace of mind at night. In addition, you do not have to be physically at home to guard your belongings. The security systems can actually alert you in case somebody tries to break into your house.

3. Protects your family from carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas. This gas is normally colorless and odourless.They are normally found in combustion fumes. Some of the common sources of this gas include: heating systems, burning wood, stoves and so on. If you inhale this gas for long, you are likely to suffocate and die. However, alarm systems usually have carbon dioxide detectors that can detect carbon monoxide leaks. In addition, these devices help in providing emergency service dispatch as well calling paramedics to attend to you. These alarm systems are indeed incredible.

4. Protects your family from fire.

Fire is a good servant but a bad master. We use it to cook and do other activities but it can cause a disaster if it is not handled properly. Fire can actually burn all your valuable possessions within a short period of time. This can result into huge losses. However, when you install alarm systems in your home, they will always detect fire and thereby mitigate such problems. This is the reason why you should invest in alarm systems. These systems will warn about the sources of heat and contact the authorities. These authorities will immediately respond to your situation.

5. Higher selling price.

When you set up alarm systems in your home and install high security locks, the value of your home appreciates by a great margin. If you happen to sell your home in the future, you will sell it at a higher price. You can actually use that profit to do a few things here and there.

6. Enables you to remotely access your home.

Alarm SystemYou cannot be at your workplace and at your home at the same time. You require to ensure that your property remains safe even when you are at your work place. One way through which you can optimize the security of your home is by installing high security locks in your home. However, did you know that you can maximize the security of your home by installing alarm systems? These alarm systems actually help you to know who is accessing your home when you are away at work. This means that you do not have to be physically present to determine who visited your home while you are away.

7. Low insurance rates.

Most homeowners normally insure their homes against risks such as fire, hurricanes and so on. This type of insurance is called homeowner’s insurance. You will realize that the cost of this insurance normally depends on certain factors such as: payment plans, location, type of the house, insurance company and so on. If your security systems can be monitored by a central monitoring system, you tend to enjoy more discount that those whose security systems cannot be monitored. This actually lower your home insurance rates.

High security locks are very essential to your home. Once you install them, you can be assured that your property will remain safe. However, when you install alarm systems together with high security locks, your security is highly optimized. This is the reason why you should install both alarm systems and high security locks in your home. It is true to say that alarm systems and high security locks go together nicely.

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Why Are August Smart Locks So Good?

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If premium lock technology could be defined using a single product, that product would be the August Smart Lock. Frankly, these locks work like magic. The technological foresight that goes into these locks is heads and shoulders above what most lock manufacturers have to offer. But more than that, August locks work so well you will not want to go back to regular locks once you hear what you are getting.

So, Why Are August Smart Locks So Good?

August smart lock1The makers of August locks believe that lock technology should finally keep pace with the innovations that are pushing the twenty-first century forward – and most people would agree. And thanks to August Smart Locks, you can forget about keys, they are so last century. Your smartphone is all you need to lock and unlock your doors. But the benefits do not end with a nifty little app that relegates metal keys to a different age; the August Smart Lock comes with other important upsides.

To begin with, the process of installing August Smart Locks is pretty “dumb”, which means anyone can do it. So, within no time at all, you August Smart Lock will be good to go. And in case you are wondering, the lock is not as easy to breach as it is to put together. Any intruder will have a hard time trying to get through an August Smart Lock, this piece of equipment can truly hold its own. Besides, with its smart technology, you will still be in control of your lock from wherever you are.

This points us to another August Smart Lock feature, it’s incredible digital system. You can keep track of everyone walking through your door every hour of every day using your mobile Apple or Android device. Even more exciting, you can create virtual keys and give them to family or friends you have allowed to access your premises. In fact, you can even limit the amount of time you want them to have the privilege to operate your lock, and this can range from a couple of minutes to a few weeks. Oh, you can also open your door from afar to let someone in, and then lock it again. Of course, you will also have the power to retract access privileges whenever you feel like.

August smart locksThe convenience of using a smart August lock is also worth a mention. This lock is so smart, it will open the door while you are approaching it, and then lock it behind you once you have gone through the door. So, the last minute fumbling for keys will be a thing of the past. This amazing futuristic technology is one of the best things about August locks. Because of this amazing feature, whenever you get within 100 yards of your door, it will unlock. This means you will get at the door just as it unlocks, and you just have to walk through.

These locks also nail the aesthetics aspect completely. The locks are polished, and certainly look like something right off a sci-fi movie. The lock is also simplistic, yet surprisingly functional for basic locking and unlocking. First of all, you will not need to rip out your current locking system. As a matter of fact, the deadbolt on your current lock has an 80% chance of working with the August locking technology. The lock is also subtle enough not to attract any unwanted attention: from the outside, your door will appear to have a regular lock. Only the inside will have the signature cylindrical August door lock knob.

Another reason why August Smart Locks are so good is that they completely fulfill their intended purpose. They make locking and unlocking a door very interesting and use innovative and intuitive technology while also meeting the anti-intrusion benefits of regular locks. More importantly, these locks makes managing access to your house a extremely convenient, and that alone makes August Smart Locks worth every penny.


As far as lock technology goes, August Smart Locks have certainly raised the bar. This sleek security gadget works seamlessly with your phone to keep your premises secure and give you a futuristic level of convenience. Managing access to your home will also be much easier with August locks at your disposal, all thanks to the virtual keys and the ability to keep track and manage them from wherever you are. But even with this great technology, August locks are surprisingly easy to install and use. Though no perfect locks exist as of today, August Smart Locks certainly come close.

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Reasons Why A locksmith or Key Specialist is Only Option For Car Key Replacement

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Car keys are very important to car owners. Most car owners have ever misplaced their car keys at one time or another This might have denied them a chance to enjoy the ride and comfort of their cars. If you own a car and you happen to misplace your car keys,you will be frustrated . This means that you need to replace your car keys. There are many reasons why you may need to replace your car keys. Some of those reasons include: stolen car key, broken car key and so on. In this case you need the services of a professional locksmith to replace your car keys. There are many reasons why you should hire the services of a locksmith or key specialist to replace your car key. According to, some of them include:

  1. Less expensive

The cost of hiring an automotive locksmith is relatively lower compared to that of a car dealership. This is the reason why you should hire their services. Once you hire them, you will save some amount of money. You can use this money to renovate your car and so on. Their services are generally cost effective.

  1. Professionalism

certThese individuals are normally highly trained in this field. They have the necessary skills, knowledge and competences needed to perform car key replacement. Once you hire their services, you will enjoy the results. Do not hire anybody just because he or she can replace a car key for you. Go to an automotive locksmith and you will enjoy their services. They are experienced in this field. In addition, they have the necessary tools needed to perform car key replacement.

  1. Convenience.

Everybody likes convenience. It is more convenient to hire a locksmith than a car dealership.When you go to a car dealership, you will be required to bring the following: car registration number, your driving license, vehicle identification number and so on. This can inconvenience you a little considering your situation. However, when you hire a key specialist, he or she will come immediately to help you out. It is fast and more convenient since you do not have to provide him or her with all those details.

  1. They respond to emergency situations.

Accidents happen when we least expect them. You might misplace your car keys and you have to drive home at night. You might also misplace your car keys at home and you have to drive to work. This means that you need emergency services so that you can reach your next destination. This is the reason why you should hire an automotive locksmith so that he or she can fix the problem for you. They normally offer immediate services and you can be assured that you will have your new car keys as soon as possible.

  1. Their services are reliable.

The services of an automotive locksmith are very reliable. Once you call him or her, he or she will turn up without failing. They are normally dedicated individuals who are ready to serve. They normally do not frustrate their customers. Their services are truly reliable.

  1. It saves you a lot of time.

Save Time 1One of those benefits of hiring an automotive locksmith is that it saves you a lot of time. When you hire the services of a car dealership, you might have to wait for one or two weeks before you obtain your new car keys. However, when you hire an automotive locksmith, he or she will take one or two hours to replace your car keys. This saves you a lot of time.

  1. No geographical constraints.

You might break your car key and you live in a remote area. This means that you will not be in a position to access your car. You may feel helpless especially if it is at night. In that case, you need to call an automotive locksmith to come and fix your problem. These locksmiths are normally a phone call away. You do not have to face any geographical constraints.

Automotive locksmiths normally provide quality services to their customers. They normally have all the software and equipment necessary for car key replacement. They are normally updated with the latest gadgets and technology that is used in today’s locks. Those are some of the reasons why a key specialist or locksmith is the only option for car key replacement.

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Keeping It Secure With A Padlock

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There are so many applications that can benefit from keeping it secure with a padlock. Some are immobile like sheds, doors, and hatches for inlets. Others can travel like tool boxes, bikes, even backpacks. Padlocks can come in all shapes sizes and colors. The main focus though is always the same. They are a portable means of lock with a shackle that is designed to pass through some sort of opening. And they are meant to prevent vandalism, use, harm, or theft. They are affordable, come in various sizes and fit to specific applications with a key for easy opening.

What sets a padlock apart as unique in looks and function is the very simple workings that have stood the test of time. There is a curved shackle which can swing open then closes back down into the body. Somewhere on the body is a key hole. The key pushes tumblers that unlock the shackle. That is the basics of what makes a padlock a padlock.

Historic Padlocks

Old padlockHistorically the first ancient versions of a padlock were found from a very long time ago. They dated back to five hundred B.C.E. to three hundred C.E. That would be during the Roman Era. Just like today they were used for the same purposes. Only then they were associated to traveling merchants on the trade routes into China and Asia. In China, versions of padlocks have been noted as used since twenty-five to two-hundred and twenty C.E. in the Dynasty of the Eastern Han. Back then keeping it secure with a padlock meant using padlocks made from silver, bronze, brass, and other materials. As far as China goes they preferred using bronze for their padlocks.

In the western world the spring mechanisms of padlocks have been found at the York Jorvik Viking homestead in old England. The York padlock mechanism dated to eight hundred and fifty C.E. It was just after this that these objects first started being called a “padlock.” It was in this part of the world that the padlock was used to keep livestock within paddocks or an enclosure for livestock. This is where the “pad” in padlock is said to have been put into the modern language.

It was after this time period that padlocks where commonly formed from wrought iron and simplified in design. It was during the early nineteen hundreds after the industrial revolution that railroads helped spur more economical padlock production. The way money was saved in production was in stamping the shells for the locks out of flat stock of metal. With less time in production even though they were not as durable as those just before it the economy of the new style attracted more buyers.

Masterlock padlockIn modern padlocks there is a quantitative rating that measures the resistance to entry. Padlocks can be forced open buy means of such entry tools as drills, hammers, chisels and bolt cutters. There are also other ways to open a padlock without the owner’s key. These would include shims, picks, key duplication, and bump keys. The padlock’s ability to resist these types of opening are measured by organizations around the world. This is how they attain ratings instead of just on strength of material as in the early days of padlocks.

The basics of padlocks are the locking mechanism, the body, and the shackle. The shackle is the part that is shaped like a U. In shackle function it usually swings away when the padlock is open or unlocked. Some modern tech has taken this concept to the next level with flexible cable, straight, and circular shackles. As technology advances keep an eye out for the next phase of shackle advancement. And the specialized applications it might bring.

Why use a padlock? Covering the general uses only opened the door to what you can and should use a padlock for. In modern life a security system that fits in the palm of your hand, requires no electricity, and only the use of a key all for one price is what a padlock means. In common uses today treasures of merchants are less likely to use padlocks than things like protecting bicycles and gym lockers. But that is on the go. Around the house, simple all weather applications like tool sheds, tool boxes, and even smaller padlocks for backpacks and luggage are way more usual. One thing is certain, no matter how you use the padlock you will need to keep good track of the key or keep the website of a good high-powered locksmith handy. You may want your gym shorts back.

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How Fast Can A Burglar Break Into Your Garage?

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A burglar can break into a garage in a matter of seconds. The fact of the matter is that if there are rumors that you have extremely expensive memorabilia in your garage, then it definitely makes it more likely that your garage can be broken into. Because of the fact that an experienced burglar can get into a garage in a matter of seconds If you are having trouble finding a way to pay for the right security system, so burglars don’t break into your home at rapid speed, you may want to seek what is covered with a homeowners insurance policy. A good locksmith can also have strong relationships within the insurance industry.


A burglar can use a number of tools to break into your garage. A number of burglars may be so desperate to break into your garage that the use of something large like a hatchet is not out of the realm of possibility. A basic padlock may not sound like it will work, but some sort of protection and safety measure is better than no safety measure at all. You do not always have the best plan to protect yourself from a burglar, it can be helpful Alato talk to an experienced locksmith about your options that you can use in order to protect the most valuable assets in your home. Burglars do not like it when you properly fasten the emergency lever in your garage door, this makes sure that you are able to set things up in a proper and detailed fashion. Burglars are going to lock for any hole within a security system.

Alarm Systems

alarmMonitored alarm systems can make a big difference when you know that there has been a potential crime wave in your neighborhood. Alarm systems are something that can be installed by an experienced locksmith. A locksmith that loves technology is definitely going to help you find a way to take care of your garage, making sure that you are able to protect some of your most valuable assets like a car.

Conventional Methods

A number of burglars are going to use conventional methods in order to break into a garage door. A well trained locksmith is going to know how to deal with these conventional methods that simple minded burglars are going to use to get things done. One of the tools that may be used would be wire hangers. The wire hangers are going to be effective against a garage that is properly constructed and tough.

A burglar may try to disable some of the stoppers that are tied to the garage door. The best garage doors have to be able to handle different heavy items potentially coming their way. A burglar that understands different information technology options can certainly find a number of different ways to break into a garage door. You do not want to run into a burglar that knows how to break codes or correctly guess different passwords. The passwords are something that can be fairly simple, but the truth is that you want to make the different passwords fairly complex.


Frozen doorLocksmiths are capable of advising people to use certain types of steel to reinforce a garage door. The steel can make a big difference in the long run as you want to make sure that people do not get into your garage in an attempt to steal your tools. The tools may be associated with a business, and you want to be able to make sure that you have the tools that you need to run a construction business. A good locksmith has to be good at different business to business sales that are out there.


You still want to protect different windows that would allow people to break into your garage. You can put barriers up to make sure your windows are properly protected, and a locksmith can set up the infrastructure in order to get this done. You need to make sure that there aren’t a lot of bricks laying around that people can use in order to break that window, getting into a garage. It may sound silly, but a good locksmith can also have a good lead on a window and glass person that can fix the issue for you.

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Locking It Up With A Pin Tumbler

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The Yale lock is one of the oldest locks that make use of pins of different spans to bar the lock from being opened with the wrong key. These lock mechanism is common in cylinder locks. However, it is majorly employed in radial or race locks.
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These locks are easy to tell because the outer casing comes with a cylindrical opening where the plug is held. In order to open such locks, the plug should rotate. In most cases, the plug features straight-shaped slot called the key-way at one end, which permits the key to be inserted into the plug, while the other end of the lock contains lever or cam that controls the locking bolt. This implies that the lever plays an important role in retracting the locking bolt whenever you want to open a particular door.

The key-way features protruding ledges that work to stop pins from dropping into the lock plug, so making the lock less susceptible to picking. In addition, you will notice that pin tumbler locks have a number of holes, drilled into a lock plug. These holes can accommodate key pins of different spans or lengths, which are smoothed or rounded for easy slip over whenever the right key is used.

Each and every pin has a matching driver pins with springs. If there is no key put into the lock, then the springs will push the driver pins downwards so as to stop the lock from rotating. This explains clearly how locking up with a tumbler pin works.
After the lock is set up, the pins move downwards into the plug with the help of springs. If you insert the right key into the key opening, the pins will move and align perfectly at a point known as shear point. The shear point is typically a point where the cylinder and the plug meet. When this happens, the plug will rotate freely and thus unlocking the lock.

Is tumbler pin vulnerable to Lock Bumping?

lock bumpingLock bumping refers to a lock picking technique for unlocking or opening a pin tumbler locks with a well-crafted bump key or even 999 key. What you should understand is that a bump key ought to correspond to the lock in question in order to work. It is shocking that most of tumbler pin locks are susceptible to a wide range of attacks, including pick guns, decoding, bypass, comb picks and more. However, these locks can be integrated with other locking systems that can tolerate lock picking.

Why You Should Be Concern?

Since your tumbler pin lock can be picked in less than 10 seconds, your property can be at risk. Additionally, lock picking and lock bumping is gaining popularity across the world making it impossible to regulate the design and distribution of bumping tools.
Apart from lock bumping gaining popularity, the insurance companies refuse to pay claims associated with lock picking. Therefore, you should check your policy to ensure that your insurer is willing to compensate you regardless of how burglars gained access to your home.

How to Avoid Bumping

There are a number of ways you can employ to prevent lock picking as well as make your home safe and secure 24/7. Most of these techniques may cost you a great deal of money. These techniques include:

Installing Chain Latches

Chain latchThe simplest way to enhance the security of your home is to set up chain latches to your exterior of your house. This will reduce the chances of successful picking, but does not influence the vulnerability of your lock. It just works by offering additional layers that make the entire process of lock picking difficult.

Modifying Existing Locks

You can consider revising the existing lock to add security to your home. The good news is that this option is cost-effective way to protect property. Today, licensed locksmith can make the necessary adjustments to your tumbler pin lock, so as to increase the resistance to various types of bumping tools. In general, this option make bumping more tricky, but not impossible.

Install High Security Locks

Security of your home should be your priority number one. As a result, the need for more secure locks has been on the rise. Installing locks such as Abloy deadbolted with door reinforcements can make your home bump-proof. For more information regarding the best lock, seek advice from a reputable locksmith.

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Frozen Locks?

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The low temperatures and winds during winter tend to freeze things, including door locks. The condensation inside the tumblers is actually what freezes, making it impossible to open door locks. If you wash your car at night, there is a high likelihood that the locks will be frozen in the morning. Thanks to the guys at, here’s what to do if your locks are frozen:

Keep trying

Before you think of trying anything else, insert the key into the lock and try to open it. If it does not work, repeat the procedure several times, with short intervals. The friction could heat the ice in the lock and melt it. Do not force the key as it could damage the lock, some mechanisms inside the cylinder, bend the key or even break it.

You can also lift the door handle for some time, activating a heated element around the door lock. The ice in the lock melts and you can open the door. This feature is likely to be found in older models. Check whether your model has this feature.

Try access via other doors

Frozen lock3You can try to access your car via other doors. If need be, use the rear hatch. When you get in, you need to start the engine and allow it to run for a few minutes. The car will heat up, warming the locks on all the doors.

Spray de-icer into the locks

You can use de-icer or a can of WD-40 to spray the locks. De-icer is easily available in hardware stores, gas stations, convenience stores, and automotive stores, especially during the winter months. When applying the de-icer, you need to get the dust cover out of the way. Do this by partly inserting the key into the lock. Go ahead and spray.

Heat the key

Frozen lock1You can use a box of matches or lighter to heat the key. To ensure that you do not damage the key fobs, which contain computer chips that are easily damaged, hold the key with an oven mitt or tongs. Wear thick gloves to avoid burning yourself, if you do not hold the key using tongs or an oven mitt. If the key is made of metal only, heat it while it is in the lock. If it has plastic, do not heat it while it is in the lock. The heated key should melt the ice and get the tumblers moving.

Do not heat the key until it is too hot. Heat it until it is warm to the touch, as some lock cylinders could have plastic parts that can get damaged by heat. You may have to heat the key over and over.

If you do not have any of these tools, press the key onto the car’s hot engine block. This should heat the key enough to melt the ice in the lock.

Heat the lock

You can also heat the lock. A hair dryer is ideal for this. If the car is far from electric sockets, you may need a very long extension cord. You can also use a portable hair dryer. Direct the air at the lock, blocking the wind with your body. Putting the key into the lock will also help to direct the heat.

Use petroleum jelly or Vaseline

Petroleum jelly or Vaseline should melt the ice in the lock. Dip the key into the Vaseline. Insert it into the lock and wiggle the key. If it does not work right away, repeat the procedure several times and wait for about 5 minutes. Do not force the key to turning. The last thing you need is a broken key in your lock.

Use straw or toilet paper tube

Place the tube over the lock and warm it using your breath. This simple technique provides some warmth that melts the ice in the lock.

The last option

If the car door is totally frozen, you may need to apply heat to the entire door to get it open.


One of the ways to melt the ice in the lock is via heating. Do not pour hot water over the lock. Doing this increases the amount of water in the lock, making the lock freeze even more in future. Moreover, since most cars have a lot of plastic parts and soft rubber parts, you can easily wreck the seals. There are also some hydraulics or electronics hanging out under the locks that could easily get damaged.

You now know what to do if your locks are frozen. The extent to which the locks are frozen will determine the options that will work and those that will not.

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