Security, cost, style, and finish are, in order of priority the modes of selecting door locks for our premises, offices or homes. Choosing a perfect lock largely depends on the position of the door, exterior or interior. There are different locking mechanisms that are required for every door type. This article brought to you by the guys down at aims to give you the best brands of deadbolt locks but first, the general door locks information.


The American National Standards Institute has established three-door lock grades. The grades identify durability and quality of deadbolts and locksets. Every product passes through security and operational tests that include door strikes, weight test, and cycles. ANSI Grade 1 is so far the best and the most preferred for exterior locks.

ANSI Grade 1

They are the highest grade, and by all standards the highest security available. It meets all the commercial buildings security requirements and through deadbolts available for residential. A knob to is graded as grade 1, if it withstands at least six door strikes, 800,000 cycles, and weight test of at least 360 pounds. Deadbolts should withstand at least a hammer test of 10 door strikes and 250,000 cycles.

ANSI Grade 2

Grade 2 locks are used for light commercial buildings. They exceed standard residential building security requirements. Knobs rated under this grade should withstand at least four door strikes, weight test of 250 pounds, and 400,000cycles while deadbolts should withstand a hammer test of at least 5-door strikes and 150,000 cycles.

ANSI Grade 3

Provide minimal security for residential buildings. Knobs should withstand at least 2-door strikes, weight test of 150 pounds, and 200,000 cycles while deadbolts should withstand at least 2 door strikes, weight test of 150 pounds, and 200,000 cycles.

Deadbolt brands

Deadbolts are without a doubt the security provider for almost all homes. It is termed as dead since springs are not contained in these locks. They are of two types, single cylinder, and double cylinder, Single cylinder deadbolts are operated using a key from outside and a turn button from the inside. Double cylinder deadbolts are operated with a key on both sides. The double cylinder deadbolts can be dangerous should an emergency occur and the key is either missing or simply not available at that particular time.

Kwikset Deadbolt

KwiksetttIt is an ANSI grade 1 double cylinder deadbolt. It is a very popular deadbolt that is liked by several consumers throughout the world. It has a SmartKey cylinder feature that makes it easy to re-key. It also has an adjustable latch that makes it fit to all the standard doors.

Baldwin Deadbolt

It is a single cylinder ANSI Grade 2 rated deadbolt. It is paired with different kinds of knobs. Like Kwikset, it features SmartKey re-key technology and solid zinc construction. It highly rated by the people who have used it.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

They surface mounted deadbolts and preferred by many since they require minimal door modifications. They are also unique; the jamb bracket interlocks with the deadbolt thus it cannot be simply pulled apart or even be forced from outside. It has a rim cylinder that fits into a hole that must be drilled through the door. Jimmy proof deadbolt can easily be upgraded by replacing the rim cylinder.

Keyless locks

The above deadbolts use keys in their operation. However, it is important to note here that for advanced security, Keyless locks can be used instead of the standard deadbolts. The keyless locks have anti-theft codes that ensure that only the authorized persons enter through a certain door and sounds an alarm if an incorrect code is entered thrice. Examples of these locks include:

Kwikset 9140 SmartCode Deadbolt

It is a touchpad electronic deadbolt. It is a one-touch automated deadbolt. No hard wiring is needed since it is battery operated. The technology provides improved security by guarding against lock bumping. The access codes are customizable thus provides increased security. It is also has a back-lit keypad and therefore, has good visibility.

Yale YRL Digital Lock

YaleIt is a touchscreen lever lock that is integrated with Z-wave technology. It very simple to install and each resident member can be allocated separate access keys. Frequent visitors can also be allocated access keys. Its technology also allows one to unlock remotely the door for a visitor you will want to let in.

Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

This type of deadbolt has a lock design that fits with most residential doors. Its fingerprint-resistant touchscreen protects against smudges and ensures that wear patterns are undetectable. It is automated in such a way that it automatically locks or unlocks the door when a code is keyed in. If the door is left unlocked, then it automatically locks it after 30 seconds.