Many car owners never know how much car key is worth until they lose one. Some are actually shocked when they discover that their car keys cost hundreds of dollars if not thousands. A Car key is one of the car accessories that helps people stand out in the world of high-end cars, so do not be surprised when you discover that there is actually a car key that costs more than your car. Here is the list of the Most Expensive Car Keys Ever, thanks to the guys at


  1. Koenigsegg Agera R Key


This is the key that made its debut at the New York auto show in 2015. It is said to cost almost $250,000 and created for the sports car that turns heads wherever it goes; the Koeningsegg Agera R model. It’s a very pretty cool key that looks like a badge, made of silver. However, those who made this key have been able to make a version of the key that is made of platinum and diamonds. With its fancy features, it qualifies to be the world most expensive car key.

  1. Aston Martin AMVOX2 Watch

This amazing car key was customized as a watch and not just a watch, but the infamous’ Jaeger-Le Coulter watch’ costing not less than $34,000. This car key was created to work on Aston Martin DB9 and DBS. This car key bears the concept of James Bond watches on his movies, and when you look at it the first thing you will definitely like is the sapphire surface of the watch; it’s enchanting and comes with features that go far beyond ��just’ a key.

  1. The Bejeweled Ferrari Key.

Bejeweled Ferrari KeyWhile other car key creators go with smarts keys, the creator of the Bejeweled Ferrari Key has decided to go for traditional car key that goes for a whopping $23,147. The key is encrusted in 1100 diamonds that weighs around seven carats (1. 4 grams) and allows a customer to customize their key fob further. This price is nothing, considering that the car itself costs more than $ 1.2 million.


  1. Bentley Diamond Key

This is one of the keys designed by famous key designer Alexander Amosu. It features a total of 101 diamonds embedded in the winged logo and weighs around 1.09 carat. Its cost is approximately $7,895 which is pretty expensive compared to other keys from this designer.

  1. Eng-i-Creation’s Gumpert Apollo Key

GumpertThis is the world’s fifth expensive car keys so far, costing around $ 7,000. The key features quality leather which when combined with silver and gold gives this key a spectacular design.Eng-i-Creation’s is a foldable key that comes with an integrated remote control features.

  1. Pagani Huayra Key

Pagani Huayra car key by Horacio Pagani is among the most expensive car keys ever leave alone being the coolest car keys in the world. It has a miniature model of the supercar split into two halves. One for starting the car and the other comes with a USB flash drive. The key costs around $ 3,700.


As Automakers come with sleeker, highly equipped and more advanced car models, we expect most of the car accessories like car keys to be sleeker and more expensive, but so far these are the most expensive car keys ever.