Garage door openers are probably the most useful appliances that make our life easier at home. Bearing in mind that a garage door is the largest moving part of the house, garage door openers save us pounds of calories that we would have burned to make the door move. When a garage door fails to open, one gets so frustrated that they may think of crashing their way in. However, a garage door being stuck in closed position is sometimes not so much of a depressing issue.

If you are in a situation that makes you contemplate about your garage won’t open type of query, check the following and you will get the answers you are looking for. And if you happen to be in Arizona, check out Garage Doors At Chandler’s website for more info.

garage-lock1. Your garage door is in lock mode: If the opener keypad button is held for too long, this action can activate or deactivate the lock mode. When the garage door is in lock mode, you can’t open or close it. Before thinking about calling a specialist, make sure you hold the keypad button down a few seconds to deactivate lock mode then try opening the door.

2. Power source: The power source can cause garage door opening problems in two ways: One, the power source is unplugged, and two, the transmitter batteries have run out. While it might sound ridiculous, many people will forget that they unplugged their power source and keep wondering why the door isn’t opening. Check the power outlet and ensure that it’s working by plugging in another electronic device. Also check the fuse, circuit breaker or GFCI.

3. Sensitivity is out of adjustment: The garage door’s sensitivity should not be set too low or too high as the opener will not sense the weight of the door correctly. Use the manufacturer’s directions to test the sensitivity of your garage door. Limit switch to correct levels, adjust the close force and everything should be fine.

remote4. Malfunctioning remote control: If the door fails to open with the remote control, there could be a few explanations for this. One, motor’s antenna could be broken or blocked. Check to ensure that it is hanging down from the motor. Two, the remote’s battery could be weak and needs replacement. If these two solutions don’t help, reprogram the remote and try opening the garage door. Make sure you are within the range of the door.

5. Photo eye is dirty or out of alignment: Photo eyes are located at either side of the garage door. Between them there is an invisible beam. For the door to open or close, a photo eye has to send a laser across the beam to the other side of the length. If the eye is out of alignment or has become dirty, the door won’t move. Use the cleaning and inspecting guidelines on the manufacturer’s manual to solve this problem.

6. Track is out of alignment: Your door runs on a metal track which can present serious problems if it’s out of alignment. If there are gaps between the rail and rollers, the door’s weight can compound the issue and make operating the door dangerous. An expert’s help would be the only solution here.

7. Broken torsion springs: When garage door torsion springs break, don’t try to open the door unless you are a garage door expert and you have the right tools. Torsion springs are usually across the top and extension springs on either side of the garage door. They can only run for a limited number of cycles. If the cycles run out and the springs are not yet replaced, they snap or break. When this happens, call a specialist to replace them for you.

8. A stripped gear: The weight of a garage door can cause too much strain on the opener. While this happens, you will hear a humming noise when trying to open the garage door and the door won’t open. There are two ways around this issue: replace either the gears or the whole opener. If the opener is older than ten years and has been giving you trouble, it’s recommended that you replace it.

9. Lock handle: If your garage door has a lock handle, ensure that it is not engaged. An engaged lock handle manually locks the garage door making it impossible to open the door automatically. Unlock the door handle before trying to open the door.

CAUTION! Moving garage doors can cause deadly injuries to a person. If you are not sure or confident that you can handle your garage door, please seek the guidance of a garage door specialist.