9 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make That Burglars That Advantage Of

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Indeed, burglary is a scary and most sucking thing that often affects many homeowners across the globe due to the huge financial downside associated with it. As a homeowner you find it difficult to figure out why the burglar chose your home over the next door. But do you know that it is only very simple mistakes that you make that become the ultimate attraction and invitation to burglars? Therefore, to prevent such problems, it calls for you to be more vigilant and responsible when dealing with the security issues of your home. Hence, here are the common mistakes homeowners make that burglars take advantage of brought to you by the team down at seattlelocksmithpros.net.

Leaving your home doors unlocked

Often, many burglary incidents are due to unlocked home doors. Burglars are always ready to take advantage of the reality that a large number of people do not lock their home doors. A burglar would walk to your home, ring the doorbells, and if at all they fail to get an answer the just walk in. Therefore, it is advisable to leave all your house doors and the garage door that is attached to your home locked at all times of the day and night.

Hiding door keys under the doormat or in the flowerpot

welcome matIt is not a difficult thing for a burglar to identify a key hidden under the door mat, under the flowerpot, under a fake rock or in the mailbox. It would be prudent to ensure each individual in your home has a key to the house to avoid those inconveniences that would lead you to hiding the key a specific point. Furthermore, if you have a problem in safekeeping of your key, it is advisable to opt for a deadbolt that is touch enabled.

Disabled alarms

Just like leaving your doors unlocked, disabled alarms are an invite to burglars. If a burglar realizes that your home alarms are not functional, he/she will take advantage of that hitch to burglarize your home leaving you a lot of losses that you would avoid. Therefore, ensure that your home alarms are regularly inspected by an alarm expert to ascertain their efficient functionality.

Your social media postings

social mediaNot all social media platforms will give you privacy of the information you post. Hence, when you take to social media that you will be going on a vacation, a burglar may see you post and take advantage of your absence to make a visit to your home. Therefore, avoid posting about your whereabouts on the social media platforms unless you are assured of the privacy of your posts.

Allowing strangers into your home

A burglar would target your home if you are that person that is always ready to answer the door and allow a stranger to get access to your home. It is by giving a stranger an opportunity to access your home that he/she gets the best platform to gain vital information concerning your home and your belongings. Therefore, to avoid such circumstances, do not open your door to strangers.


Every burglar would take advantage of darkness since they would want to leave unseen. It is advisable to keep your home lights on especially at night. Many home security companies provide light timers and home automation security systems. Therefore, to avoid the worry of arriving home early daily, you can install a light timer or opt for a light control remote that will enable you to switch on the lights regardless of your location or time.

Plain view of valuables

Placing your valuables in a place that can easily be seen could be a clear impression that you are well-off and any potential burglar could try to make an unannounced visit to your home. Therefore, it is not advisable to leave your valuables in the yard where every stranger or passer-by can see.

Use of cheap locks

cheap door locksThere are a variety of locks to choose from in the market today. But it is up to you to choose the one that would be safe to use in locking your door. It is said that you receive what you paid for, so go for that lock that is worth spending on. Cheap locks are often vague and can be forged, hence it is advisable to purchase original locks and be sure you will get what you paid for.

Leaving a climbing ladder in the yard

A ladder can be great aid to burglar since he/she can use it to get access to the unlocked windows. Therefore, to avoid such incidences, it is advisable to have all ladders placed in the store immediately after use.

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Six Best Home Security Tips

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Keeping yourself and your family safe should be your primary concern when it comes to securing your home.  Everyone should be able to feel safe within their own home.  You should feel like no one could ever hurt you there, or come uninvited to steal or rob something from you.  In order to keep your family and your home safe, here are six best tips for you to follow.

1. Install a Smart Lock

A smart lock is not only a cool gadget you can have at your place, but is also a way for you to make your home safer.  Also, you will be able to enter your home by using your smartphone, and all the modern technologies, and it’ll make you feel like James Bond.  Installing a smart lock will become a normal thing in a matter of years, therefore, why not start early and get one right away.


2. Install Quality Safety Windows

Safety windows will prevent burglars from coming in, but they will also prevent all sorts of accidents which might occur regarding windows.  The locks on your windows are important for your safety, but also you should think about the material which your windows are made of, and make sure that you buy quality windows.

3. Install a Dead Bolt Lock

A dead bolt lock is secured in a place, and cannot be wiggled or moved around by key which doesn’t fit in.  Some people prefer to have a dead bolt lock in addition to the look where as a doorknob is.  This provides additional safety, and makes your home more secure.

types-of-door-locks-uk4. Install a Home Security Door

A home security door is definitely something which every home should have.  This kind of door, not only has a metal base, but it also provides top security, with locks coming in deep into door frame.

5. Install Safety Cameras

If you choose to install safety cameras, you will always be on the lookout for unusual things which might happen around your home.  Also, safety cameras will provide you with evidence of any unusual occurrences which might happen.  The safety cameras technology which allows you to catch everything on tape is amazingly affordable nowadays, and can be installed in basically every home.  Installing safety cameras in your home will make both you and other members of your family feel protected and safe with your home.

6. Prevent It If You Can!

If you want to keep your home safe, you should just stay clear of any behavior which might compromise your safety.  Do not to leave your keys under the doormat, or at any predictable places.  Avoid leaving windows open when you leave house.  Try not to forget your keys in the door lock, or at a public place.  By preventing compromising behavior you can keep your home safe.


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