Why Are August Smart Locks So Good?

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If premium lock technology could be defined using a single product, that product would be the August Smart Lock. Frankly, these locks work like magic. The technological foresight that goes into these locks is heads and shoulders above what most lock manufacturers have to offer. But more than that, August locks work so well you will not want to go back to regular locks once you hear what you are getting.

So, Why Are August Smart Locks So Good?

August smart lock1The makers of August locks believe that lock technology should finally keep pace with the innovations that are pushing the twenty-first century forward – and most people would agree. And thanks to August Smart Locks, you can forget about keys, they are so last century. Your smartphone is all you need to lock and unlock your doors. But the benefits do not end with a nifty little app that relegates metal keys to a different age; the August Smart Lock comes with other important upsides.

To begin with, the process of installing August Smart Locks is pretty “dumb”, which means anyone can do it. So, within no time at all, you August Smart Lock will be good to go. And in case you are wondering, the lock is not as easy to breach as it is to put together. Any intruder will have a hard time trying to get through an August Smart Lock, this piece of equipment can truly hold its own. Besides, with its smart technology, you will still be in control of your lock from wherever you are.

This points us to another August Smart Lock feature, it’s incredible digital system. You can keep track of everyone walking through your door every hour of every day using your mobile Apple or Android device. Even more exciting, you can create virtual keys and give them to family or friends you have allowed to access your premises. In fact, you can even limit the amount of time you want them to have the privilege to operate your lock, and this can range from a couple of minutes to a few weeks. Oh, you can also open your door from afar to let someone in, and then lock it again. Of course, you will also have the power to retract access privileges whenever you feel like.

August smart locksThe convenience of using a smart August lock is also worth a mention. This lock is so smart, it will open the door while you are approaching it, and then lock it behind you once you have gone through the door. So, the last minute fumbling for keys will be a thing of the past. This amazing futuristic technology is one of the best things about August locks. Because of this amazing feature, whenever you get within 100 yards of your door, it will unlock. This means you will get at the door just as it unlocks, and you just have to walk through.

These locks also nail the aesthetics aspect completely. The locks are polished, and certainly look like something right off a sci-fi movie. The lock is also simplistic, yet surprisingly functional for basic locking and unlocking. First of all, you will not need to rip out your current locking system. As a matter of fact, the deadbolt on your current lock has an 80% chance of working with the August locking technology. The lock is also subtle enough not to attract any unwanted attention: from the outside, your door will appear to have a regular lock. Only the inside will have the signature cylindrical August door lock knob.

Another reason why August Smart Locks are so good is that they completely fulfill their intended purpose. They make locking and unlocking a door very interesting and use innovative and intuitive technology while also meeting the anti-intrusion benefits of regular locks. More importantly, these locks makes managing access to your house a extremely convenient, and that alone makes August Smart Locks worth every penny.


As far as lock technology goes, August Smart Locks have certainly raised the bar. This sleek security gadget works seamlessly with your phone to keep your premises secure and give you a futuristic level of convenience. Managing access to your home will also be much easier with August locks at your disposal, all thanks to the virtual keys and the ability to keep track and manage them from wherever you are. But even with this great technology, August locks are surprisingly easy to install and use. Though no perfect locks exist as of today, August Smart Locks certainly come close.

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What Makes Kwikset Such A Great Lock Brand

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Kwikset Lock Brands are highly rated in the market. The lock and lock set manufacturer owned by spectrum brands hardware is offering excellent products, and this is possibly the main reason why a huge number of customers prefer their locks. It is indeed true that before you can shop for a lock, you should identify the most suitable one as far as your security level is concerned. Kwikset lock brand comes with attractive features which have greatly contributed to their greatness. Thanks to the guys at Scottsdale Locksmith Pros, these features are as follows.

  1. Remote Access
  2. Lock and Unlock Your Door From Anywhere

Kwikset locks feature Kwikset SmartCode with home connects lock that enables users to access their locks from anywhere via tablets, smartphones or any internet connected devices. You will never be worried about forgetting to lock the door if you choose Kwikset lock brand.

Get Private Notifications When Anyone Enters Your Home, and Control When Others Can Access Your Home

KEvo AppUsers have the opportunity to receive notifications when anyone enters their homes. This is the best way to monitor people who are getting in and out of your home. You will also have full control over who can access your home by assigning specific codes and creating schedules that allow the entry of specific individuals into your home.

Provide Solutions For The Unexpected Moments

Whether you are on the road, at work or on a vacation, if anything goes wrong at your home, you can provide solutions by offering temporary access to those in need.

Keyless Entry

keyless1With keyless entry, users have the opportunity to enter their homes with just a few simple pushes of the button and lock the doors with just one push of a button. You are able to avoid the risks of losing keys, lockouts, and the habit of hiding your keys under the mat. All you need is a personal unlock code.

Improved Home Management

Once the Kwikset locks have been installed, it can be linked easily with the rest of the already existing security instruments or home automation controller. This allows you to easily arm the security system with the touch of a button. Kwikset integrates fully with your home.

Kwikset allows you to customize your home just the way you like. This includes Setting lights so as to turn on automatically when you enter the room, having your favorite music start playing automatically when you are walking and turn on the heat or AC after being off while you were away. All users are able to use their locks when they leave to control the thermostat settings. The proper use of the programmable thermostat can help you save up to $180 per year in energy costs.

Generally, Kwikset locks offer the highest level of residential security. However, they are also perfect for businesses where you would be forced to change the locks due to employee turnover. These locks have enabled a good number of customers to save their precious time and money as they are available on the market at affordable prices. Kwikset lock brand truly deserves their greatness and dominance in the market.

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The Top 5 Keyless Smart Locks

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In this day and age, you have no business trying to fortify your home using traditional locks as intruders have outsmarted them. Ordinary door locks require you to carry keys around which creates high chances of you sleeping outside because they are bound to get lost at one point. If you want to avoid such predicament what you need is a smart keyless lock that will only respond to you or authorized people. Here are the top 5 brands that you should pick whenever you decide to go out shopping for smart locks:


This is one of the newest entries into the smart lock market and it is quite an ambitious creation. Unlike other locks in the category its disk which goes over your current is located on the outside of your door. The most exciting thing about Goji is the greeting on the LED screen for everyone leaving or entering but even better is a built in camera to take a photo of anyone who activates. This lock certainly meets the high standards of the smart lock industry but that doesn’t mean it is the only one you can buy.


August smart lock1This is the smart, keyless lock that you can get for $200 and manage your doors straight from your android device. It is famed for its elegant design which easily matches any door. The August is a great replacement for a deadbolt and thankfully it gives notifications when people get in or out of your house. This lock relies on Bluetooth to recognize the digital key and open or lock doors for you. Owing to its ingenious design you do not even have to bring out your phone to activate the lock as it can recognize the key while your phone is in the pocket and automatically unlock. The best thing about August smart lock is that you can assign different digital keys to family members or guests after determining how long they should gain access. If you do not want a certain person gaining access all you need to do is deactivate the key and assign it to another person.

Lockitron Bolt

This is probably the cheapest lock of its kind at just $99. Lockitron utilizes Bluetooth technology to detect your approach and open doors before you can touch the knob. This lock replaces your deadbolt and can deliver real time alerts if you buy the Lockitron Bridge which allows Wi-Fi functionality. It is the best smart lock for people living in rented property as it has a physical lock setting which can be matched to other keys. The bolt for this smart lock is available in polished brass and satin nickel to give owners a variety of choice to match different doors’ designs.


If you are looking for a smart door lock that also acts as a mechanical barrier to entry, Haven would be perfect. The lock is anchored to the base of your door and can only be released using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth but there is a physical footplate designed to release it during an emergency. It is available for $219 and is compatible with Nest and Apple Home kit to name but a few.

Kevo Kwikset

kwikset iphoneThis is the most discreet smart lock you will ever find being so close in resemblance to traditional deadbolts. The only thing that sets it apart from traditional locks is the blue ring that illuminates the cylinder. To get this lock working, you must calibrate it to recognize your device and once this is done, all you have to do is tap it to unlock your doors. You can create digital keys for other people who might need access to your home in your absence. Kwikset, the manufacturer of Kevo smart locks offers 6 free digital keys but you have to buy the rest at only $1.99. It is available in Venetian bronze, satin nickel and lifetime brass finishes for those seeking a decorative option. The lock goes for $219 and it is possible to upgrade to the Kwikset Kevo Plus to enable remote access and real time updates via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

There are many brands of smart locks in the market but these five have certainly surpassed expectations. From this list, you can take your pick of the smart keyless lock that best serves you. There is an option for those seeking discretion, those who want frequent alerts and even the ones on a tight budget. This way, there is no excuse for relying on deadbolts which can be tampered with easily. By taking away the need for a key, your smart lock guarantees full access to your property as long as you have your smart phone with you. Modern homeowners should not rely on traditional locks anymore as this not only compromises their safety, but it also downgrades their property. These door locks also increase a home’s value for people who intend to sell in future.

It doesn’t matter which smart lock you choose as long as it secures your home from intruders in order to protect you and keep your property safe. Installation of physical features of smart locks can be tricky for the layman, which is why they should contact an experienced locksmith to do the manual work. This ensures great results and prevents unprecedented damage which could lead to losses. Professionals know exactly how and where to place a lock without damaging the door. With a smart lock in place you can run errands, go to work or take a long vacation without fear that someone might slip into your home and steal your valuables. Besides protecting your home, such locks also improve its stature as a smart, modern abode.

If possible, try to purchase a smart lock from authorized dealers as there may be some people selling low quality locks bearing the top five brand names. Buying from the official site or authorized vendors is the only way you are guaranteed of the lock’s performance and eligible for warranty covers. Buying a smart lock is by all means the smartest decision you will ever make as a homeowner.

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