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Getting locked out of your car or losing your car keys absolutely bites, so what do you do when you have to get in your car and back on the road fast? My experience has taught me that locksmiths are better to call when locked out or for new car keys than local car dealerships. Here is why I believe this to be true.

1. 24 Emergency Service

2. Affordable Prices

3. Mobile Services

4. Invaluable Experience

5. Laser Cut Keys Made on the Spot

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While car dealerships have the ability to get you back in your car, they have one big disadvantage and that is they are not open 24 hours a day. So, if by chance, you were to get locked out of your vehicle before they are open you would have multiple problems to worry about instead of one. 1st Problem: You are locked out of your vehicle. 2nd Problem: The car dealership is not open for business yet, so no help there. Now add to that a 3rd problem: You’re going to be late for work! As you can see this is not a winning combination. You need help and you need it fast, so you are better off calling a 24 Emergency locksmith.

To Pay or Not to Pay

money-stacksTo pay or not to pay, that is the question. Of course, I think we all know the correct answer. But in the rare event you just like spending more money; you can always call your local car dealership for assistance, but be prepared to pay through the nose for the towing cost as the car dealer does not offer friendly on-site mobile service like your neighborhood locksmith does. Not only will you pay towing fees to have the vehicle towed, you still have to pay the service fee to have another key made to unlock your vehicle. Most car dealerships don’t have the expensive equipment in-house to cut another laser key for your car, so now there are further delays, like waiting for the new key to be made and sent to you via snail mail. Looks like you are not going to work today after all. Hope you still have a job by tomorrow! Oh, by the way, you still have not paid for the new laser key yet.

Do You Offer Mobile Services?

If you call your local car dealership and ask if they offer mobile locksmith services, the answer will be a resounding no. I don’t know about you, but when I am having a bad day; the last thing I want to hear is no. Here’s the good news, when you call your 24 hour emergency locksmith he / she will always answer a resounding yes. Now that is what I want to hear. These guys will come to you, so you don’t have to worry about going to them or paying expensive towing fees like what is required by the car dealer in your area.

I Need a Laser Cut Key

When you need a laser cut key and you need it fast be sure to call your 24 hour emergency locksmith. Locksmiths have the expensive equipment to make your laser cut key right there on the spot. They have more experience making laser cut keys than the dealership does, especially since they don’t outsource this simple job to another company. This is good news, now instead of waiting days to receive a new key you can have one made in under an hour. Furthermore, locksmiths are bonded, licensed and insured, car dealerships are not, so who are you going to trust? Besides, who wants to pay $200 and upwards to have a new transponder key made? Why does it have to be so expensive you ask? This is due to the chip in the key having to be programmed specifically for your car.

Locksmiths offer around the clock emergency services. Their prices are more affordable than auto dealerships. They offer top-notch mobile locksmith services straight to you. If you lose your key, laser cut keys are made on the spot, so no waiting by the mailbox for your new key to arrive. Locksmith’s expertise is 2nd to none, so you can be sure the key will work the first time and every time you use it thereafter. So don’t pay $200 or more to have a new transponder key made.

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