When working properly, a garage door responds to a touch of the button. However, this smooth operation can change over time and the door may develop problems such as operating too quickly or making a lot of noise. This is almost expected given that like many other doors in your home, the garage door is used regularly. However, it is important to know these problems and the remedies you should take in case they occur to prevent costly repairs and replacements.

The following are some common problems with garage doors brought to you by our friends at portlandlocksmithpros.com:

Misaligned track

misaligned tracksWhen the metal track of the garage door is out of alignment, it can spell trouble. For example, the door may fail to work in case the rollers come out of the track. In addition, the hinges may be stretched out of position if the track is not close enough to the door side. This is a serious safety issue because it can cause the door to come down without warning. With this consideration, have a garage door repair expert check the track if you see any signs of misalignment.

Transmitter Problems

When your garage door remote fails, it is usually because of lost transmitter signals. The remote is designed to communicate electronically with the garage door motor, allowing you to close and open the door. Although troubleshooting this problem is easy, you may want to hire a professional if you are not sure about how to reset the signals.

Springs Problems

Garage springs are susceptible to wear and tear and are a common issue for homeowners. You will know that your garage door is functioning well if it opens and closes smoothly. Similarly, if this changes, the door could be having a problem. Try operating it manually and see how it behaves. If the door is still difficult to operate, the springs could be imbalanced.

Unlike what many people think, the door is lifted by the torsion springs, not by the garage door opener. If any of the springs is damaged, the door may fail to open.

At this point, you can be sure that the problem will only escalate if ignored. Remember that as the name suggests, garage door springs are under tension and therefore dangerous to handle. Consider calling a garage door pro to repair the springs.

Weather Seal and Weather Stripping Problems

weather strippingGarage door weather seal is one of the most important components of a garage door but unfortunately, most homeowners tend to ignore it. Lack of a good weather seal will not only compromise the security of your home, but also affect the indoor temperature balance.

In times of harsh weather, chances that moisture and water may find way into the house are high if the weather-stripping is damaged. A reliable garage door company can repair the weather seal and prevent such problems.

Broken Rollers

This is also one of the common problems with garage doors. Rollers enhance the smooth movement of garage doors along the tracks. Due to wear and tear, the rollers can be broken and even run off-track. Some signs that indicate broken rollers include shudders, shrieks or drags when the door is opening or closing. Because broken rollers can also lead to serious accidents, it is important to hire a garage door professional immediately you suspect that the rollers are damaged.

Cable Issues

Garage door cables are very essential for the smooth operation of the door because without them, the extension and torsion springs will wear out very quickly. Cables ensure that the door remains under pressure for a smooth operation.

However, remember that the cables are prone to breakage, especially if you don’t inspect and maintain them regularly. Avoid repairing the cables on your own because of the danger they pose. Only a garage door specialist may know how to handle the different types of cables. The professionals will inspect the cables thoroughly and recommend either repair or replacement depending on the extent of damage.

Broken Drum

Since the drum enhances the smooth movement of the cable, it is crucial for the smooth operation of the door. Apart from affecting the normal operation of the door, a broken drum can cause serious injury. If you notice too much noise or shaking from the door, the drum is probably damaged and needs repair.

All these are common problems with garage doors but you can manage them through timely and professional inspection, maintenance and repair.