Key operated security locks are the most popular among all types of security devices used to control access through doors. Despite the fact that home owners have installed other security enhancing systems such as CCTVs, the key-operated lock is still used. The quality of the lock you choose determines the expected level of security. Investing adequately in high security locks is beneficial as it gives you peace of mind even when you are away from your home.
Choosing cheap standard manual locks may at first seem like a budget-friendly option. However, these locks lack enough security to keep burglars and unwanted intruders off your property. Most of these standard locks use technology that is more than 80 years old. They may have been reliable in those old days, but with today’s sophisticated security threats they have been proved to have many weaknesses, which are looked at here courtesy of the locksmith services of

Weaknesses of standard locks

1. Keys can easily be duplicated by any locksmith. Many key shops duplicate keys despite the “Do Not Duplicate” warning on most keys. Duplication of keys has now even gone online. There are online services that produce duplicate keys. You just have to send a photo of the original key and there you are with another duplicate key. Home owners who use standard locks cannot be sure of how many duplicate keys have been made, or who has them.
2. Standard locks are easy to “pick” open. Burglars find it easy to open standard lock cylinders using devices such as lock picks and “pick guns”. More often than not, standard locks that have been master-keyed are easier to pick.
3. These locks can be “bumped” open using a “bump key” (can be bought online or made from existing keys). Unfortunately, there are even how-to videos in the internet that show how to “bump” a lock open. That is why standard manual locks can not be relied upon today.
4. Standard locks can also be “drilled” open. This has been made easier by the introduction of cordless drills.

Why consider a high security lock?

high security lockHigh security locks solve the problems associated with weaknesses of ordinary standard locks. There are many brands of high security locks, but all of them offer crucial benefits including the following:
– Patented keys: High security locks use patented or otherwise restricted keys. The distribution of key blanks is limited. To duplicate the key, special equipment is required, which is only available through highly qualified locksmiths or sometimes only from the manufacturer. Authorization from the home owner or his/her designated representatives is also needed for the duplication of the original key. It therefore becomes very hard for an unauthorized person to have a duplicate key. High security locks also make use of signature verification to ensure that no one obtains a duplicate key without the owner’s consent.
– Strong physical features: High security locks are virtually “pick-proof“. It is extremely difficult or simply impossible to “pick” a high security lock open. Even with the expertise of champion locksmiths and enough time, picking this high quality lock is a hard task. High security locks are the best match against even the most seasoned of criminals. Armor-plated strike plates and interlocking deadbolts are the other high security features that characterize these locks. These features help to keep your home secure. Most intruders and burglars know that gaining entry through a door with cheap deadbolts is as simple as just kicking it. This makes such doors an easy target.
High security locks are also drill resistant. Protective measures put in place in the design of these type of locks include the use of a hard metal case and placement of special metal pins and disks in the path where the drill is supposed to penetrate. Drilling a high security lock would be a very difficult and time-consuming task.
– Long lasting quality: High security locks contain high quality metal components. The mostly used components are made of steel and brass. Such components are very hard to break down and this ensures that the locks last for long. These locks therefore provide great value for their price.

high security lock2There are reasons as to why high security comes at high cost whether in residential or commercial property. The same reasons answer our question of: Why consider a high security lock? The price of these locks may be 10 times that of an ordinary lock. However, once you purchase a high security lock you will use it for many years. The durability of ordinary locks comes nowhere close to that of high security locks. High security locks also reduces the chances of losing property to burglars. They are the best option especially for exterior doors. It is important to maintain a safety and security mindset, for technology alone cannot be relied upon to provide the required security