The Yale lock is one of the oldest locks that make use of pins of different spans to bar the lock from being opened with the wrong key. These lock mechanism is common in cylinder locks. However, it is majorly employed in radial or race locks.
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These locks are easy to tell because the outer casing comes with a cylindrical opening where the plug is held. In order to open such locks, the plug should rotate. In most cases, the plug features straight-shaped slot called the key-way at one end, which permits the key to be inserted into the plug, while the other end of the lock contains lever or cam that controls the locking bolt. This implies that the lever plays an important role in retracting the locking bolt whenever you want to open a particular door.

The key-way features protruding ledges that work to stop pins from dropping into the lock plug, so making the lock less susceptible to picking. In addition, you will notice that pin tumbler locks have a number of holes, drilled into a lock plug. These holes can accommodate key pins of different spans or lengths, which are smoothed or rounded for easy slip over whenever the right key is used.

Each and every pin has a matching driver pins with springs. If there is no key put into the lock, then the springs will push the driver pins downwards so as to stop the lock from rotating. This explains clearly how locking up with a tumbler pin works.
After the lock is set up, the pins move downwards into the plug with the help of springs. If you insert the right key into the key opening, the pins will move and align perfectly at a point known as shear point. The shear point is typically a point where the cylinder and the plug meet. When this happens, the plug will rotate freely and thus unlocking the lock.

Is tumbler pin vulnerable to Lock Bumping?

lock bumpingLock bumping refers to a lock picking technique for unlocking or opening a pin tumbler locks with a well-crafted bump key or even 999 key. What you should understand is that a bump key ought to correspond to the lock in question in order to work. It is shocking that most of tumbler pin locks are susceptible to a wide range of attacks, including pick guns, decoding, bypass, comb picks and more. However, these locks can be integrated with other locking systems that can tolerate lock picking.

Why You Should Be Concern?

Since your tumbler pin lock can be picked in less than 10 seconds, your property can be at risk. Additionally, lock picking and lock bumping is gaining popularity across the world making it impossible to regulate the design and distribution of bumping tools.
Apart from lock bumping gaining popularity, the insurance companies refuse to pay claims associated with lock picking. Therefore, you should check your policy to ensure that your insurer is willing to compensate you regardless of how burglars gained access to your home.

How to Avoid Bumping

There are a number of ways you can employ to prevent lock picking as well as make your home safe and secure 24/7. Most of these techniques may cost you a great deal of money. These techniques include:

Installing Chain Latches

Chain latchThe simplest way to enhance the security of your home is to set up chain latches to your exterior of your house. This will reduce the chances of successful picking, but does not influence the vulnerability of your lock. It just works by offering additional layers that make the entire process of lock picking difficult.

Modifying Existing Locks

You can consider revising the existing lock to add security to your home. The good news is that this option is cost-effective way to protect property. Today, licensed locksmith can make the necessary adjustments to your tumbler pin lock, so as to increase the resistance to various types of bumping tools. In general, this option make bumping more tricky, but not impossible.

Install High Security Locks

Security of your home should be your priority number one. As a result, the need for more secure locks has been on the rise. Installing locks such as Abloy deadbolted with door reinforcements can make your home bump-proof. For more information regarding the best lock, seek advice from a reputable locksmith.