Best Arrow Locks On The Market

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Are you looking for a good lock for your office or home? It’s painful to have worked day and night in search for money to buy properties, only for these properties to be stolen by thieves. You may not want this debate to head that direction, so let’s get straight to locks. To be honest, the hassle of looking for the ideal lock is never easy. It is a task that calls for both commitment and dedication on your part.

Nevertheless, this process has been made simpler for you. You no longer have to hop from one home improvement store to another in the name of getting a lock at the lowest price. Just as a reminder, cheap is expensive. So, what’s the way forward? Well, buy yourself one of the best locks ever made, and this is none other than Arrow locks. Below is a detailed look into the best arrow locks on the market, thanks to the guys over at

  1. Arrow QL01 SB Series Lock

This lock features a freewheeling lever system and hence it is considered a robust grade one lock. The freewheeling lever feature reduces resistance by the user considerably, and the presence of a compact two screw lockset in this lock guarantees easy installation. If you are planning on upgrading your commercial lockset, this is the lock you need. And what’s more, it comes with a ten-year warranty!

  1. Arrow H Series Lock

Arrow H SeriesThe H series is yet another arrow lock that guarantees ultimate security to your property. These locks have been designed and engineered with features that guarantee long-lasting performance. If you are like most builders, you must be keen in security measures. You can trust the H series locks, especially because operating them involve using a lever and a knob on either side. These locks have a warranty of one year.

  1. Arrow Mk Series Lock

The Mk series is an arrow lock that has, for a long period of time, been used by designers, architects as well as contractors. They have amazing finishes, designs, and architectural functions, and this has seen many people prefer it over other locks. They are ideal for use in commercial and home applications that call for top security. And with a three-year warranty that comes with these locks, you can rest assured that nothing will go wrong.

  1. Arrow RK series

The Arrow RK Series offers an immense number of finishes and functions. Thanks to the great minds behind this lock for they saw the need to enhance the features. It can’t get any better; if you are looking for an economical lock, then your search ends with the Arrow RK series. This lock is suitable for multi-family housing markets as well as light commercial applications. Most of these locks are designed to be operated by a knob on either side. And just like the previous locks, this lock comes with a five-year mechanical warranty.

  1. Arrow BM Lever Series

Arrow LeverThese locks are designed and engineered specifically for heavy-duty locks in schools, commercial buildings, and hospitals where security is paramount. They are durable, and the best part? They only need low maintenance! A close examination of these locks reveals durable locks made precisely to offer nothing but great performance. The Arrow BM lever series locks are operated by a lever on either side. Not to forget, these locks come with a five-year limited warranty.

Arrow locks are the best when it comes to security. They are mostly used to secure large institutions such as libraries, universities, and public schools as well as homes and retail shops. The professional engineering employed in designing these locks is without doubt the best as it offers maximum security in areas that are prone to human traffic. These locks come complete with locking hardware, door control, and key systems.

Let us be honest. There are many best arrow locks in the market today. However, the above discussed brands stand out as the best. While it is true that people have varying tastes and preferences, when it comes to locks, it all comes down to one thing: security. Do they offer security to your properties? Maybe not maybe yes. In short, if you have been looking for the best arrow lock, go for either of the above brands and let them give your esteemed properties the security they deserve.

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Why Schlage Is a Great Lock Company

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Schlage is considered by many as one of the greatest lock companies in the world. There is one reason for this and that is because the company has been making high quality locks and locking systems since it was established in San Francisco in 1920 by a man named Walter Schlage. The locks created by Schlage have offer plenty advantages over other brands of locks that can be bought in the market. One of the best features of Schlage locks is its tubular design which makes the locks almost impossible to pick. These locks also feature abnormally-shaped keys and brittings on the many faces of the key. Again, this feature adds to the security of the locks. Most Schlage locks are also made from solid brass. Just try to kick in a door with a Schlage lock and you will soon discover that doing so is almost an impossible task.

Electronic locks

Schlage electronicThe respectable lock company has also entered the electronic age. Another reason for Schlage’s greatness is it innovativeness. It has an excellent capacity to keep up with the changing trends in the security industry. In recent years, the company has added electronic locks to its catalog of offerings. These locks are designed both for home and industrial use. The locks are designed for users to open and close their homes and offices without keys and by using only pre-programmed codes. What you must know about Schlage electronic locks is that no two locks are the same. This is because they are pre-programmed with random codes. This feature adds another layer of security to Schlage electronic locks.

Tried and tested

Before Schlage locks come out in the market, the company makes sure that they are tested and that they meet global safety standards. Each of the locks created by this company is tested to make sure that it meets ANSI standards. Schlage locks are also designed to last for a long time. This is why you see people using the same locks for years and even decades. And even if Schlage locks get broken they are easily repairable. All you need to do is to take them to any locksmith. Like other great companies, Schlage designs their products with the convenience of their customers in mind. In fact, the company offers a 3 year warranty on all of their commercial locks and a limited lifetime warranty on all of their residential locks.

Peace of mind

If it is peace of mind that you are after then you need to get the best locks for your home or office. While other companies offer different types of security for their locks, Schlage offers the same security features for both their Grade 1 and Grade 2 locks. Their deadbolts, for example, can resist attacks from a hammer or even a crow bar. It is also impossible to open their Grade 1 locks using a screwdriver or chisel because they are designed in such a way that the key cylinder is prevented from being knocked out.

Now, you know why Schlage is a great lock company.

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What Makes Kwikset Such A Great Lock Brand

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Kwikset Lock Brands are highly rated in the market. The lock and lock set manufacturer owned by spectrum brands hardware is offering excellent products, and this is possibly the main reason why a huge number of customers prefer their locks. It is indeed true that before you can shop for a lock, you should identify the most suitable one as far as your security level is concerned. Kwikset lock brand comes with attractive features which have greatly contributed to their greatness. Thanks to the guys at Scottsdale Locksmith Pros, these features are as follows.

  1. Remote Access
  2. Lock and Unlock Your Door From Anywhere

Kwikset locks feature Kwikset SmartCode with home connects lock that enables users to access their locks from anywhere via tablets, smartphones or any internet connected devices. You will never be worried about forgetting to lock the door if you choose Kwikset lock brand.

Get Private Notifications When Anyone Enters Your Home, and Control When Others Can Access Your Home

KEvo AppUsers have the opportunity to receive notifications when anyone enters their homes. This is the best way to monitor people who are getting in and out of your home. You will also have full control over who can access your home by assigning specific codes and creating schedules that allow the entry of specific individuals into your home.

Provide Solutions For The Unexpected Moments

Whether you are on the road, at work or on a vacation, if anything goes wrong at your home, you can provide solutions by offering temporary access to those in need.

Keyless Entry

keyless1With keyless entry, users have the opportunity to enter their homes with just a few simple pushes of the button and lock the doors with just one push of a button. You are able to avoid the risks of losing keys, lockouts, and the habit of hiding your keys under the mat. All you need is a personal unlock code.

Improved Home Management

Once the Kwikset locks have been installed, it can be linked easily with the rest of the already existing security instruments or home automation controller. This allows you to easily arm the security system with the touch of a button. Kwikset integrates fully with your home.

Kwikset allows you to customize your home just the way you like. This includes Setting lights so as to turn on automatically when you enter the room, having your favorite music start playing automatically when you are walking and turn on the heat or AC after being off while you were away. All users are able to use their locks when they leave to control the thermostat settings. The proper use of the programmable thermostat can help you save up to $180 per year in energy costs.

Generally, Kwikset locks offer the highest level of residential security. However, they are also perfect for businesses where you would be forced to change the locks due to employee turnover. These locks have enabled a good number of customers to save their precious time and money as they are available on the market at affordable prices. Kwikset lock brand truly deserves their greatness and dominance in the market.

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The Ultimate Guide About The Different Types Of Home Door Locks

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For any homeowner, the security of their property is a priority and they are willing to do anything just to protect it. There are a whole lot of security solutions available on the market today that you can use individually or else combine with others to get a complex system. Door locks are widely used in most modern homes due to their overall simplicity and effectiveness. And since they are available on the market in different types, styles, finishes and designs, you are sure to find one that’s right for your door. Here’s a look at several types of home door locks brought to you by the guys down at

1. Knob Locks

Knob locks are some of the most common types of door locks and are very versatile as they can be used on different kinds of doors including front doors, garage doors and bedroom doors. They typically come with knobs on both sides, with one side having the lock and the other a key hole to unlock. However, since the locking mechanism is located inside the knob (and not the door), knob locks can be easily broken and should never be the main security system on your front door.

2. Deadbolt Locks

deadboltKnown for providing maximum security on doors, deadbolt locks do not have springs to operate the bolts and are instead operated manually with a thumb turn or key. The bolt slides into the jam and securely locks your door to the frame, in turn preventing intruders from forcing the door open. These types of locks are built to fit specific holes and backsets. You can choose between a single deadbolt that’s typically operated from the outside; a double deadbolt that’s operated on both the inside & outside; or Jimmy proof deadbolt that often requires minimal door modifications for installation .

3. Keyless Entry Systems

These are essentially electronically controlled locks that employ a numbered keypad rather than a key. More expensive than traditional systems, they require a secret code to operate and provide advanced security and convenience. They come with audio & visual indicators that confirm when the lockset is activated, and some models will even sound an alarm if you enter an incorrect code several times. Additionally, they have an anti-theft rolling feature which ensures that a code is never entered twice. Keyless entry systems feature either a touch pad or tag (card) system and should be ideally installed by an experienced technician.

4. Entry Locksets

Another type of home door lock you can consider is the entry lockset which features two knobs that can be operated from the inside or outside. One knob locks by turning or pressing a small button, with the other knob unlocked with a key. However, some models must be locked on the inside as well as outside. Entry locksets have a deadlatch and are typically a medium security entrance-door lock ─ so you may consider combining them with other systems.

5. Lever-handled locks

lever handledLever-handled locks are commonly used on interior doors, tend to be more stylish than knob locks and feel nice in the hand. In addition, most models do not require a key to operate, with locking often done through pushing/twisting a button found on the inside. If you or someone in your family is physically challenged, these locks can be the ideal choice. But like knob locks, lever-handled locks can be easily broken with force and as such should not be used as the only security system on the front doors in homes.

6. Mortise Locks

Available in both right and left-handed styles, mortise locks have a small, flat box that jams into a recess on the door. They also come with two faceplates; the knobs & keyholes, and a pin tumbler mechanism located in a cylinder. The latch typically operates from both sides when the outside knob is unlocked. The deadbolt, on the other hand, operates with a turn of the inside knob, and a key from the inside operates both the latchbolt and deadbolt. Mortise locks are used on many different types of doors including residential doors and heavy entrance doors.

7. Night Latches

Night LatchesThese door locks are mounted on the inside of the door and come with an automatic locking feature (a spring loaded latch that locks whenever you close the door). While they are not as secure as mortise locks, they can be employed along with other locks to ensure maximum security. Double-locking models are the most secure night latches because they have a key hole on the inside handle which allows the latch to be deadlocked from inside.

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