My Garage Door Won’t Open – Help Me!

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Garage door openers are probably the most useful appliances that make our life easier at home. Bearing in mind that a garage door is the largest moving part of the house, garage door openers save us pounds of calories that we would have burned to make the door move. When a garage door fails to open, one gets so frustrated that they may think of crashing their way in. However, a garage door being stuck in closed position is sometimes not so much of a depressing issue.

If you are in a situation that makes you contemplate about your garage won’t open type of query, check the following and you will get the answers you are looking for. And if you happen to be in Arizona, check out Garage Doors At Chandler’s website for more info.

garage-lock1. Your garage door is in lock mode: If the opener keypad button is held for too long, this action can activate or deactivate the lock mode. When the garage door is in lock mode, you can’t open or close it. Before thinking about calling a specialist, make sure you hold the keypad button down a few seconds to deactivate lock mode then try opening the door.

2. Power source: The power source can cause garage door opening problems in two ways: One, the power source is unplugged, and two, the transmitter batteries have run out. While it might sound ridiculous, many people will forget that they unplugged their power source and keep wondering why the door isn’t opening. Check the power outlet and ensure that it’s working by plugging in another electronic device. Also check the fuse, circuit breaker or GFCI.

3. Sensitivity is out of adjustment: The garage door’s sensitivity should not be set too low or too high as the opener will not sense the weight of the door correctly. Use the manufacturer’s directions to test the sensitivity of your garage door. Limit switch to correct levels, adjust the close force and everything should be fine.

remote4. Malfunctioning remote control: If the door fails to open with the remote control, there could be a few explanations for this. One, motor’s antenna could be broken or blocked. Check to ensure that it is hanging down from the motor. Two, the remote’s battery could be weak and needs replacement. If these two solutions don’t help, reprogram the remote and try opening the garage door. Make sure you are within the range of the door.

5. Photo eye is dirty or out of alignment: Photo eyes are located at either side of the garage door. Between them there is an invisible beam. For the door to open or close, a photo eye has to send a laser across the beam to the other side of the length. If the eye is out of alignment or has become dirty, the door won’t move. Use the cleaning and inspecting guidelines on the manufacturer’s manual to solve this problem.

6. Track is out of alignment: Your door runs on a metal track which can present serious problems if it’s out of alignment. If there are gaps between the rail and rollers, the door’s weight can compound the issue and make operating the door dangerous. An expert’s help would be the only solution here.

7. Broken torsion springs: When garage door torsion springs break, don’t try to open the door unless you are a garage door expert and you have the right tools. Torsion springs are usually across the top and extension springs on either side of the garage door. They can only run for a limited number of cycles. If the cycles run out and the springs are not yet replaced, they snap or break. When this happens, call a specialist to replace them for you.

8. A stripped gear: The weight of a garage door can cause too much strain on the opener. While this happens, you will hear a humming noise when trying to open the garage door and the door won’t open. There are two ways around this issue: replace either the gears or the whole opener. If the opener is older than ten years and has been giving you trouble, it’s recommended that you replace it.

9. Lock handle: If your garage door has a lock handle, ensure that it is not engaged. An engaged lock handle manually locks the garage door making it impossible to open the door automatically. Unlock the door handle before trying to open the door.

CAUTION! Moving garage doors can cause deadly injuries to a person. If you are not sure or confident that you can handle your garage door, please seek the guidance of a garage door specialist.

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What You Need To Know – Garage Door Springs

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Door springs are used to open and close a garage door. The extension spring and torsion spring are the two basic spring types. Although both springs are dangerous, torsion springs are trickier to handle and more dangerous than extension springs.

Extension springs are used specifically for lighter garage doors, such as one-piece tilt-up and sectional doors. They hang from the top of the door, and are anchored near the back of the upper tracks. If you want to install or repair your garage, you can do it yourself. However, extension springs are still dangerous if you are not attentive and follow the repair instructions.

Torsion springs are used for heavier doors, such as sectional doors. Torsion springs are used on both sides of the door. A professional must install or repair your garage if it uses torsion springs. They have been known to cause serious injuries and even some deaths.

Garage doors that use torsion springs can be a little hard to handle. They usually weigh anywhere between 300-400 pounds, so the springs must be powerful enough to open and close the door. These springs have caused serious head trauma to even professionals when they are being installed or repaired.

If you have children, educate them to never stand below the garage door when it’s opening or closing. Furthermore, you should install the buttons that open and close the door out of the reach of young children. This should prevent most accidents caused by the garage door or the door springs themselves. No matter how much you educate them, young children will want to push the button that opens/closes the garage out of curiosity.

Even the best maintained garage door springs will need to be repaired due to wear-and-tear. In order to prevent serious repairs, it’s wise to perform regular check-ups on your springs’ conditions. when one spring needs repair, the other is likely be get damaged soon after. Therefore, it’s best if you replace both springs together.

Repair and install costs range from $75-$350. Repairing and installing torsion springs fall at the higher end of the price range, so shop around and compare prices. However, price shouldn’t be the determining factor; make sure the professional does quality work. It might be worth it to pay a little more and avoid continual repairs.

Torsion springsThe door springs absorb the most tension while the door is closing. So, if the closed door fails to open due to a damaged spring, it will not injure anyone. If the spring broke while the door was open, it would fall and potentially injure someone, damage a car or the floor.

The durability of the garage spring is determined by various factors including maintenance, frequency of usage, compatibility with the garage door, and the quality of the spring itself.

Your garage door springs are powerful and dangerous mechanisms, that must be maintained properly. Make sure to inspect them periodically and ensure they are in excellent working condition. This will prevent many accidents due to the spring breaking or malfunctioning. Remember, if you are looking to replace your door springs it’s best to have a professional complete the repairs for you.

Almost every home today has a garage on the property. These people might have had the unfortunate incident of their car being stuck being a garage door that wouldn’t open. This is because they had bad door springs. When the spring went bad, the door got stuck. The only way to get the car out is to fix the garage door spring. Thankfully today you can find quality garage door springs that not only open and close the door, but have new security features that help to make your garage safer than ever before.

Faulty springAll door springs will need to be replaced in time. However, the better quality door spring you buy the longer it will last. Remember this is a part that is used every day in the operation of your garage. Anytime you need to open or close the door the door spring will be used. This stretches the hardened steel torsion spring device of the door. Eventually it will develop stresses and get over used. Then it will break and need to be replaced. It’s standard practice for people to replace both of the springs once one breaks. Since they get equal wear and tear the other will breakdown soon anyways so it’s really a time saver to get the job done all at once. Torsion springs will usually last for about 10,000 cycles or six years. It really depends on the amount of use they get.

The next type of garage door spring is the extension springs. This is responsible for raising the door by using a stretching action. This spring also usually lasts for about six years. Both types of these springs can be easily replaced and finding then is as simple as an online search. Be sure to perfect the best quality springs you can find to ensure that your garage door works correctly for a long time.

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Safety Tips for Your Garage Door

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Have you ever given any consideration to the safety functions of a garage door, or even how life-threatening or defective it can be? Normally the majority of people make use of a garage door more than once every day.

Because as frequently as your garage doors are used it is vital to take into account any maintenance and basic safety concerns. There are lots of moving components which could become loosened and then cause a failure and contribute to someone getting hurt or having property damage.

Just stop and think about this, the garage door could be the heaviest working component of the house. It is a motor-driven piece of equipment which is frequently getting raised and lowered over your automobile in addition to your entire family.

Through the years there have been several different versions of doors placed in houses that can range between individual panel doors that kick out to one piece roller doors, nonetheless the most popular model will be the panel garage doors. These kinds of doors are actually standard panels hinged to one another that have been mounted on tracks using a spring system to aid with opening the door. They can be manually operated but these days the majority of them employ a door opener which has a remote opening devise allowing you to open and close the door from the inside of the car.

Below are a few maintenance suggestions to keep the door safe and secure and serve you for several years;

• Visually examine the door regarding any damaged areas especially the location where door opener attaches close to the top portion of the door

• Check to be certain the door rollers aren’t wobbly or damaged, and lubricate them once a year or if you should start to notice sounds

• If the garage door has the safety sensors, test them each month simply by closing your door and interrupting the beam while being careful and not allowing anything within the route of the door in case the reverse detectors fail

• Doors sold after 1993 have the reverse eyes as well as the pressure sensor. To check the reverse sensor system; position a roll of paper towels on the garage area floor under the door so when the door opener detects pressure it needs to reverse and start to open

• Look for loose nuts, mounting bolts and screws then tighten them when needed and in particular on the actual track or hanging supports that carry the actual door in the ceiling

• Do not allow the little children to play with the garage door because there are numerous pinch points on your door, and be sure that the door open and close button is out of reach of children

broken tension spring• Visually take a look at the door spring, the two basic types of door springs are torsion springs or extension springs. Should you have extension springs there needs to be a security cable going through the spring so if your spring breaks it will be held and no one will get hurt. If you have spring problems call a garage door company to make any adjustments or repairs

• Be sure that everyone in the family understands and learns how to utilize the emergency safety release feature

Avoid standing or even walking under a moving door. Keep away your kids from the door and explain them that garage door is not a gaming object. You should explain them the consequences of playing with the same. It is extremely important that the kids are made clear of the about the moving door and they might get hurt if they stand near it.

Be careful about the remote controls and the transmitters of the remote door of your garage. Keep it in safe distance from children. Affix the push button wall control at a high level (minimum 5 feet) from the door.

There are various garage repairs, garage door repairs should be therefore your first summon when the garage is not performing well. It may have got some mechanical failure but whatever the reason may be, you should call for a technician without delaying.

rapidlyNever ever leave your garage door half closed. It can be dangerous for anyone. Several instances are there where people got severely injured for being unmindful about the half-closed garage door. One has to be cautious with these garage doors. The shutters of the garage might close anytime if these are left open. This can be highly dangerous of anyone and people can be dangerously injured due to this.

Do you opt for a routine maintenance of your automatic garage door? If not, then start doing the same now onwards. Regular maintenance keeps anything smooth and well functioning. Your auto-garage door is surely not exception of that. Some parts that you need to checkup on regular basis are rollers, cables, pulleys, springs, spring safety cables and other hardware tools of the door.

Always go through the manual of the garage door when you buy one newly. Knowing the functions of the door is quite important for you. However, do not try to fix it when it mal-functions.

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How Fast Can A Burglar Break Into Your Garage?

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A burglar can break into a garage in a matter of seconds. The fact of the matter is that if there are rumors that you have extremely expensive memorabilia in your garage, then it definitely makes it more likely that your garage can be broken into. Because of the fact that an experienced burglar can get into a garage in a matter of seconds If you are having trouble finding a way to pay for the right security system, so burglars don’t break into your home at rapid speed, you may want to seek what is covered with a homeowners insurance policy. A good locksmith can also have strong relationships within the insurance industry.


A burglar can use a number of tools to break into your garage. A number of burglars may be so desperate to break into your garage that the use of something large like a hatchet is not out of the realm of possibility. A basic padlock may not sound like it will work, but some sort of protection and safety measure is better than no safety measure at all. You do not always have the best plan to protect yourself from a burglar, it can be helpful Alato talk to an experienced locksmith about your options that you can use in order to protect the most valuable assets in your home. Burglars do not like it when you properly fasten the emergency lever in your garage door, this makes sure that you are able to set things up in a proper and detailed fashion. Burglars are going to lock for any hole within a security system.

Alarm Systems

alarmMonitored alarm systems can make a big difference when you know that there has been a potential crime wave in your neighborhood. Alarm systems are something that can be installed by an experienced locksmith. A locksmith that loves technology is definitely going to help you find a way to take care of your garage, making sure that you are able to protect some of your most valuable assets like a car.

Conventional Methods

A number of burglars are going to use conventional methods in order to break into a garage door. A well trained locksmith is going to know how to deal with these conventional methods that simple minded burglars are going to use to get things done. One of the tools that may be used would be wire hangers. The wire hangers are going to be effective against a garage that is properly constructed and tough.

A burglar may try to disable some of the stoppers that are tied to the garage door. The best garage doors have to be able to handle different heavy items potentially coming their way. A burglar that understands different information technology options can certainly find a number of different ways to break into a garage door. You do not want to run into a burglar that knows how to break codes or correctly guess different passwords. The passwords are something that can be fairly simple, but the truth is that you want to make the different passwords fairly complex.


Frozen doorLocksmiths are capable of advising people to use certain types of steel to reinforce a garage door. The steel can make a big difference in the long run as you want to make sure that people do not get into your garage in an attempt to steal your tools. The tools may be associated with a business, and you want to be able to make sure that you have the tools that you need to run a construction business. A good locksmith has to be good at different business to business sales that are out there.


You still want to protect different windows that would allow people to break into your garage. You can put barriers up to make sure your windows are properly protected, and a locksmith can set up the infrastructure in order to get this done. You need to make sure that there aren’t a lot of bricks laying around that people can use in order to break that window, getting into a garage. It may sound silly, but a good locksmith can also have a good lead on a window and glass person that can fix the issue for you.

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Some Common Problems with Garage Doors and their Remedies

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When working properly, a garage door responds to a touch of the button. However, this smooth operation can change over time and the door may develop problems such as operating too quickly or making a lot of noise. This is almost expected given that like many other doors in your home, the garage door is used regularly. However, it is important to know these problems and the remedies you should take in case they occur to prevent costly repairs and replacements.

The following are some common problems with garage doors brought to you by our friends at

Misaligned track

misaligned tracksWhen the metal track of the garage door is out of alignment, it can spell trouble. For example, the door may fail to work in case the rollers come out of the track. In addition, the hinges may be stretched out of position if the track is not close enough to the door side. This is a serious safety issue because it can cause the door to come down without warning. With this consideration, have a garage door repair expert check the track if you see any signs of misalignment.

Transmitter Problems

When your garage door remote fails, it is usually because of lost transmitter signals. The remote is designed to communicate electronically with the garage door motor, allowing you to close and open the door. Although troubleshooting this problem is easy, you may want to hire a professional if you are not sure about how to reset the signals.

Springs Problems

Garage springs are susceptible to wear and tear and are a common issue for homeowners. You will know that your garage door is functioning well if it opens and closes smoothly. Similarly, if this changes, the door could be having a problem. Try operating it manually and see how it behaves. If the door is still difficult to operate, the springs could be imbalanced.

Unlike what many people think, the door is lifted by the torsion springs, not by the garage door opener. If any of the springs is damaged, the door may fail to open.

At this point, you can be sure that the problem will only escalate if ignored. Remember that as the name suggests, garage door springs are under tension and therefore dangerous to handle. Consider calling a garage door pro to repair the springs.

Weather Seal and Weather Stripping Problems

weather strippingGarage door weather seal is one of the most important components of a garage door but unfortunately, most homeowners tend to ignore it. Lack of a good weather seal will not only compromise the security of your home, but also affect the indoor temperature balance.

In times of harsh weather, chances that moisture and water may find way into the house are high if the weather-stripping is damaged. A reliable garage door company can repair the weather seal and prevent such problems.

Broken Rollers

This is also one of the common problems with garage doors. Rollers enhance the smooth movement of garage doors along the tracks. Due to wear and tear, the rollers can be broken and even run off-track. Some signs that indicate broken rollers include shudders, shrieks or drags when the door is opening or closing. Because broken rollers can also lead to serious accidents, it is important to hire a garage door professional immediately you suspect that the rollers are damaged.

Cable Issues

Garage door cables are very essential for the smooth operation of the door because without them, the extension and torsion springs will wear out very quickly. Cables ensure that the door remains under pressure for a smooth operation.

However, remember that the cables are prone to breakage, especially if you don’t inspect and maintain them regularly. Avoid repairing the cables on your own because of the danger they pose. Only a garage door specialist may know how to handle the different types of cables. The professionals will inspect the cables thoroughly and recommend either repair or replacement depending on the extent of damage.

Broken Drum

Since the drum enhances the smooth movement of the cable, it is crucial for the smooth operation of the door. Apart from affecting the normal operation of the door, a broken drum can cause serious injury. If you notice too much noise or shaking from the door, the drum is probably damaged and needs repair.

All these are common problems with garage doors but you can manage them through timely and professional inspection, maintenance and repair.

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