Do Locksmiths Need Schooling?

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Do Locksmiths Need Schooling? Well, locksmith tasks might appear to be independent of intellectual knowledge that is also the main reason locksmiths can be easily accessed locally. The truth is, unlike other technical professions, you don’t need certification to be a locksmith. You can achieve that easily by doing some locksmith tasks repeatedly. However, if you are looking to become a professional locksmith, you should be good at it. What you mustn’t forget is that being a locksmith requires you to spend lots of time on tools. You will be working with electrical appliances, safes, vaults, car locks and more. Don’t you think assembling and disassembling a door lock can be done faster with a person who doesn’t rely on guesswork?

Take it like this way, if a certified surgeon decides to take you in, risk teaching you some medical stuff, like dealing with minor surgeries and let you try it under his or her supervision. How many years do you think you need to be able to do it perfectly? You have eyes, brains that make you a human, meaning that you’ll probably learn something with time. The question is, does this make you a professional? Looking at the facts, even surgeons sometimes fail. The main reason they get away with it is because they are professionals. So, it can well be assumed that the surgeon tried his best and maybe the patient died because his or her time had come.What about someone without certification, killing a patient in the process. Don’t you think the hospital will be at a risk of being closed?

Acquiring locksmith knowledge practically is easier, but if you are targeting more clients, education deserves a shot, why? Simple, everyone perceives a certified professional to be better than a self-acclaimed professional with nothing to show for it but limited skills. To get a clear understanding what this means, here are some of the reasons education is worth a shot.


Unless you are just doing some locksmith tasks as a part time job or just looking to impress someone, having something to show for it is vital for your performance in the field. If it is a full-time job, your earnings will be fully dependent on how many clients accept your services. Having a certificate is important when you are looking to take your career to the next level. Some states will give you a certification for just practicing locksmith, but they won’t just give you this without doing some background check. You’ll be handed an exam to see if you qualified and this depends highly on how much you know about locksmith profession.

Certification will, without a doubt, establish your credibility. Take for example, if a stranger appears at your door claiming that he can fix your door lock without anything to show that he can do it. Don’t you think there are high chances he might be a bugler? If yes, then without any locksmith certification, appearing at someone’s door trying to market yourself as a locksmith without certification might not go well. On the other hand, if you have a license to show for it, they might consider you for an appointment. Education is also useful in acquiring more clients that will, in turn, increase your earnings.


locksmith trainingBeing a locksmith might look easy. Most of the things you’ll be doing might as well be considered Do It Yourself tasks that doesn’t need much knowledge. What you mustn’t forget is that technological advancement is changing things. Locks are becoming more complicated; most electrical appliances require some education in mathematics and physics and the worst part is, there more than enough devices you will come across that might not need your experience as a locksmith, but some basic knowledge that is only available in schools.


locksmith school1There are more than enough locksmith training programs out there that range from a certificate, diploma to degree. most of these programs will equip you with some knowledge on how to efficiently operate locks as well as keys. You’ll get some knowledge on how to install locks, operate safes and lastly, deal with deadbolts. Just like what you’ll learn from a professional locksmith, you will know how to cut, make some copy and fit keys.

What makes learning from an institution better than acquiring the knowledge while working with a professional, is that education will expose you to some theories to enhance your reasoning. Better thinking will help you figure out dealing with something you’ve never come across, like the new car locks designed to manage effectively a car theft. There are more than enough skills you can acquire from education that will make you a better locksmith. Here are some of the topics taught in schools.


* locking mechanisms

* Vaults and safes

* Vital tools for a locksmith

* Business practices for a locksmith

* Assembly and disassembly of door locks

* Security systems

* Car locks and bank lock devices and many more.

In summary, education makes you a better locksmith for some obvious reasons. If you want it as a profession, there is nothing that will do you good than winning your targeted customer’s trusts. You also don’t want mess with authorities. Education will move you from being self-acclaimed locksmith whose success depends on client’s sympathy to a professional whose services are highly demanded. So, do Locksmiths Need Schooling? Well, it depends on why you do it. If it is just a hobby, then some practical will just be enough, but if you are looking to make a living out of it, education will undoubtfully do you some good.

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Most Expensive Car Keys Ever

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Many car owners never know how much car key is worth until they lose one. Some are actually shocked when they discover that their car keys cost hundreds of dollars if not thousands. A Car key is one of the car accessories that helps people stand out in the world of high-end cars, so do not be surprised when you discover that there is actually a car key that costs more than your car. Here is the list of the Most Expensive Car Keys Ever, thanks to the guys at


  1. Koenigsegg Agera R Key


This is the key that made its debut at the New York auto show in 2015. It is said to cost almost $250,000 and created for the sports car that turns heads wherever it goes; the Koeningsegg Agera R model. It’s a very pretty cool key that looks like a badge, made of silver. However, those who made this key have been able to make a version of the key that is made of platinum and diamonds. With its fancy features, it qualifies to be the world most expensive car key.

  1. Aston Martin AMVOX2 Watch

This amazing car key was customized as a watch and not just a watch, but the infamous’ Jaeger-Le Coulter watch’ costing not less than $34,000. This car key was created to work on Aston Martin DB9 and DBS. This car key bears the concept of James Bond watches on his movies, and when you look at it the first thing you will definitely like is the sapphire surface of the watch; it’s enchanting and comes with features that go far beyond ��just’ a key.

  1. The Bejeweled Ferrari Key.

Bejeweled Ferrari KeyWhile other car key creators go with smarts keys, the creator of the Bejeweled Ferrari Key has decided to go for traditional car key that goes for a whopping $23,147. The key is encrusted in 1100 diamonds that weighs around seven carats (1. 4 grams) and allows a customer to customize their key fob further. This price is nothing, considering that the car itself costs more than $ 1.2 million.


  1. Bentley Diamond Key

This is one of the keys designed by famous key designer Alexander Amosu. It features a total of 101 diamonds embedded in the winged logo and weighs around 1.09 carat. Its cost is approximately $7,895 which is pretty expensive compared to other keys from this designer.

  1. Eng-i-Creation’s Gumpert Apollo Key

GumpertThis is the world’s fifth expensive car keys so far, costing around $ 7,000. The key features quality leather which when combined with silver and gold gives this key a spectacular design.Eng-i-Creation’s is a foldable key that comes with an integrated remote control features.

  1. Pagani Huayra Key

Pagani Huayra car key by Horacio Pagani is among the most expensive car keys ever leave alone being the coolest car keys in the world. It has a miniature model of the supercar split into two halves. One for starting the car and the other comes with a USB flash drive. The key costs around $ 3,700.


As Automakers come with sleeker, highly equipped and more advanced car models, we expect most of the car accessories like car keys to be sleeker and more expensive, but so far these are the most expensive car keys ever.

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Home Security, Locks & Keys

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locksmith-pros3There is no better way of explaining the importance of home security that equating it to life. Think of it this way; the level of security that you have determines whether you and your loved ones are protected against acts of theft, burglary and other forms of home invasion. Such invasions are responsible for unimaginable violence that at times leads to fatalities. In America, for example, there is a burglary every 15 seconds. Therefore, proper home security protects life, important documents and other assets and possessions.

The good thing about proper home security is that it boils down to very simple things; locks, keys and an alarm system. Many people overlook simple measures like replacing locks or hiring a reliable locksmith yet they are paramount in determining whether the home is safe or not. This article features Columbus Locksmith Pros’ advice about proper home security measures.

Why Have A Locksmith?

There are many reasons why you need a blacksmith. For example, locks are house components like any other. For this reason, they require occasional replacement for one reason or another. It is a simple yet paramount process that requires you to have a reliable locksmith like Columbus Locksmith Pros. Below are some reasons why you might need your locks replaced.

Relationship matters: some break-ups, separations and divorces can lead to undesired situations where partners fight for custody of children or pets as well as possession of property. Such people tend to feel entitled and they might try to enter the house without permission. Regardless of how much you trust an ex-partner, it is always advisable to re-key the locks.

When moving in: most landlords reuse keys from one tenant to another. They may also have multiple copies of the key and this simply multiplies the number of similar keys in circulation. New homes are also not as safe as one would think. Plumbers, contractors, HVAC personnel and sales people always have the chance to make their own copies of keys. These situations make it necessary to re-key the locks.

Family and roommates: when children have their own keys, it is only proper to have the locks changed regularly considering that it is generally hard to deter kids from showing other people. Furthermore, kids tend to lose things easily. When roommates move out it is also important to have the locks changed as it is hard to know when they might feel the need to access the house without your permission.

Wear and tear: locks also experience wear and tear due to rusting and deterioration. Worn out locks are weak and can allow unwarranted entry into the house. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct regular checks and replacements.

Break-ins: break-ins and attempted break-ins can provide criminals with access to spare keys and knowledge of your security system. Therefore, whenever they happen it is important to have the locks replaced.

Latchkeys and lost keys: whenever you forget your keys somewhere for a while or whenever they fall into untrustworthy hands (like if a stranger finds them and delivers them to you), it is prudent to re-key the locks. This is owing to the fact that it only takes a few minutes for one to duplicate keys. The same goes for lost keys.

Emergencies: there are certain emergencies such as locking your keys inside the house or when a spare key gets lost. Such situations require a locksmith to ensure that the locks are re-keyed or replaced.

In summary, you should have a locksmith at all times as a plan for a rainy day (one or more of the situations explained above). Don’t wait for the rain before engaging one as that will portray you as a desperate individual and any blacksmith can take advantage of you under the situation.

Why Choose Locksmith Pros

Now that you know why you need a locksmith, it is equally important to know why it should be expert Locksmith Pros. With increasing reports on cases of locksmiths overcharging customers (fraud), it is only paramount to have a single locksmith who you can trust to give you the best services at the appropriate amount.

We also ensure that your needs are attended to immediately they arise. This means that you enjoy 24 hour service so that cases like having to sleep outside your home just because you locked yourself outside at night do not appear in your diary.

You also get to be served by a team of qualified personnel who cannot use your house’s security information for any malicious activities. Some locksmiths are known to access client’s houses without their permission.

We will also advice you on the best security measures to ensure that your home is safe. For example, you can get information on how to store your spare key or the best intercom service to install.

Therefore, spruce up your security level by engaging with us.

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