Still have your unlocked mailbox out on the street? Could you leave your highly valuable personal and financial information inside a shoe box next to a public thoroughfare? That is in essence what you’re doing if you don’t have a locking mailbox. Besides, mail theft has become an epidemic in some regions of the country, and a threat everywhere else. Concerns about mail and identify theft have turned lockable mailboxes into an increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners. If you think it’s a bad idea to leave your highly sensitive financial, social security, as well as other personal information unprotected and out on the street inside an unlocked mailbox, then you should consider a locking mailbox. A range of locking options for your mailbox are available in the market today to keep your personal information secure.
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Locking Mailbox Basics:

Your search for the best quality lock options for your mailbox is perhaps driven by the rising cases of tampering with mailboxes. If you have already determined that a locking mailbox is a logical means to protect your mail and deter also identity theft of personal information, all that is left is to choose which locking mailbox option best suits your needs. You will need to narrow down your choice of locking mailboxes by first establishing the type of mailbox you are going to purchase and where it’ll be placed.

Types of Mailboxes Which Lock:

Generally, residential locking Mailboxes come in 2 basic styles: a wall-mount secure mailbox that is affixed to your house, gate, or garage, and a curbside locking mailbox which is typically placed on a post near your curb. On some occasions, both the curbside mailboxes and wall mount mailboxes are used for commercial use as drop boxes. Credible and experienced dealers can be able to help you find the top lock options for your mailbox conveniently and with no trouble.

Good Quality and Highly Secure

The rising cases of unauthorized and illegal access to mailboxes are best handled by making sure that there is a lock. This acts as a deterrent to persons who are fond of stealing items over and above other people’s identity. However, it is crucial to make certain that the locking system offers top-most protection to the mailbox contents. That is why you need to spend quite some time researching on the best lock options for your mailbox in the market. What is desirable for another client may not be the best option for you. It is paramount to deal with reputable vendors, well known for stocking high-quality and secure mailbox locks.

Meets the Minimum Recommended Standards

Mailbox lock2Even though the mailbox is private property, it still has to meet some prerequisite set out by the authorities. You cannot just simply install a lockable system just because it protects your mailbox or meets your personal desires. You’ll have to make sure that it meets the minimum required standards so as to not cause inconvenience to authorized users such as USPS or mailman.

Tamperproof and Durable

Locking systems for mailboxes come in all kinds of types, shapes, designs, specifications, sizes and more. The suitability of each option is influenced by nature of lockable mailbox, personal taste, as well as industry trends amongst other issues. Even so, the most important aspect should be security. The locking system should be capable of withstanding the elements, frequent contact, or combat tools like screwdrivers, pry bars or any other. You will be able to learn more regarding the locks specifications by doing research about the brands available. Also, reading reviews will shed more light on the lock type available since previous and current users express their experience while using the lock.

Lockable Mailbox Unit

The lock options for your mailbox should include all of the unique advantages of the top Lockable Mailboxes, whether curbside or wall mount type, but with the additional security of a door lock. You can opt for heavy-duty mailbox lock options that provide ultimate theft deterrence. They are generally crafted from high quality components. The lock options for mailboxes are available in a number of distinctive color options in order to achieve a custom finish which reflects the style of the customer and complements their home. In addition to the popular mailbox locks, you should check whether they offer a choice of quality accessories to enhance your lockable mailbox and also be used in repairing it. These accessories should include brass numbers that complement your mailbox style. They should also include replacement parts to maintain your lockable mailbox for years to come.

Added Security with Uncompromising Style

Mailboxes which lock can serve multiple purposes. Besides meeting the primary goal of securely protecting your personal, financial and other private information, masterfully crafted locking mailboxes can serve to enhance the overall appearance of your home. Instead of opting for locking mailboxes that are unattractive and bulky, you can choose from the lock options for your mailbox that maintain the elegant designs for which the best designed mailboxes are recognized for. With quality mailboxes, you don’t have to decide between function and style – you can have both!

Mailbox Lock Upgrade

If you already own a wall mount or curbside mailbox and wish to benefit from the added security and peace of mind offered by a lockable mailbox, there are simple, low cost solutions available. The locking mailbox doors may be used to replace your existing door and can be installed in just a few simple steps. This quick exchange will maintain the overall appearance of your lock mailbox while offering the functionality of a secure lock.

What about a lockable mailbox with a “smart lock” feature?

Mailbox smart lockSmart-lock is a mechanical device which allows you to lock your mailbox but will lets it to be opened one-time after you do so, allowing the USPS to deliver your mail. As soon as they close the door, it’s locked to all but you, and you can access it using your key. The disadvantage, evidently, is someone else could open the mailbox door before the USPS arrives, and therefore defeat the carrier’s capacity to deliver your mail. Or, in case you check for mail prior to it been delivered, you’ll have to reset the lock.


You do not have to be a victim of mail theft and identity theft. You shouldn’t risk using your important mail and parcel. Moreover, you do not have to install the wrong lock type to your mailbox. What you require is getting the best product by selecting the right option. This is made easier when you interact with a good and highly regarded brand. Besides offering you quality locks, great service, and maximum satisfaction, opting for the-best lock options for your mailbox will certainly come with peace-of-mind!