Do Locksmiths Need Schooling?

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Do Locksmiths Need Schooling? Well, locksmith tasks might appear to be independent of intellectual knowledge that is also the main reason locksmiths can be easily accessed locally. The truth is, unlike other technical professions, you don’t need certification to be a locksmith. You can achieve that easily by doing some locksmith tasks repeatedly. However, if you are looking to become a professional locksmith, you should be good at it. What you mustn’t forget is that being a locksmith requires you to spend lots of time on tools. You will be working with electrical appliances, safes, vaults, car locks and more. Don’t you think assembling and disassembling a door lock can be done faster with a person who doesn’t rely on guesswork?

Take it like this way, if a certified surgeon decides to take you in, risk teaching you some medical stuff, like dealing with minor surgeries and let you try it under his or her supervision. How many years do you think you need to be able to do it perfectly? You have eyes, brains that make you a human, meaning that you’ll probably learn something with time. The question is, does this make you a professional? Looking at the facts, even surgeons sometimes fail. The main reason they get away with it is because they are professionals. So, it can well be assumed that the surgeon tried his best and maybe the patient died because his or her time had come.What about someone without certification, killing a patient in the process. Don’t you think the hospital will be at a risk of being closed?

Acquiring locksmith knowledge practically is easier, but if you are targeting more clients, education deserves a shot, why? Simple, everyone perceives a certified professional to be better than a self-acclaimed professional with nothing to show for it but limited skills. To get a clear understanding what this means, here are some of the reasons education is worth a shot.


Unless you are just doing some locksmith tasks as a part time job or just looking to impress someone, having something to show for it is vital for your performance in the field. If it is a full-time job, your earnings will be fully dependent on how many clients accept your services. Having a certificate is important when you are looking to take your career to the next level. Some states will give you a certification for just practicing locksmith, but they won’t just give you this without doing some background check. You’ll be handed an exam to see if you qualified and this depends highly on how much you know about locksmith profession.

Certification will, without a doubt, establish your credibility. Take for example, if a stranger appears at your door claiming that he can fix your door lock without anything to show that he can do it. Don’t you think there are high chances he might be a bugler? If yes, then without any locksmith certification, appearing at someone’s door trying to market yourself as a locksmith without certification might not go well. On the other hand, if you have a license to show for it, they might consider you for an appointment. Education is also useful in acquiring more clients that will, in turn, increase your earnings.


locksmith trainingBeing a locksmith might look easy. Most of the things you’ll be doing might as well be considered Do It Yourself tasks that doesn’t need much knowledge. What you mustn’t forget is that technological advancement is changing things. Locks are becoming more complicated; most electrical appliances require some education in mathematics and physics and the worst part is, there more than enough devices you will come across that might not need your experience as a locksmith, but some basic knowledge that is only available in schools.


locksmith school1There are more than enough locksmith training programs out there that range from a certificate, diploma to degree. most of these programs will equip you with some knowledge on how to efficiently operate locks as well as keys. You’ll get some knowledge on how to install locks, operate safes and lastly, deal with deadbolts. Just like what you’ll learn from a professional locksmith, you will know how to cut, make some copy and fit keys.

What makes learning from an institution better than acquiring the knowledge while working with a professional, is that education will expose you to some theories to enhance your reasoning. Better thinking will help you figure out dealing with something you’ve never come across, like the new car locks designed to manage effectively a car theft. There are more than enough skills you can acquire from education that will make you a better locksmith. Here are some of the topics taught in schools.


* locking mechanisms

* Vaults and safes

* Vital tools for a locksmith

* Business practices for a locksmith

* Assembly and disassembly of door locks

* Security systems

* Car locks and bank lock devices and many more.

In summary, education makes you a better locksmith for some obvious reasons. If you want it as a profession, there is nothing that will do you good than winning your targeted customer’s trusts. You also don’t want mess with authorities. Education will move you from being self-acclaimed locksmith whose success depends on client’s sympathy to a professional whose services are highly demanded. So, do Locksmiths Need Schooling? Well, it depends on why you do it. If it is just a hobby, then some practical will just be enough, but if you are looking to make a living out of it, education will undoubtfully do you some good.

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Is It Better To Rekey Or Change A Lock?

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When a person loses the keys to their house or they move in to a new residence and they are concerned about their security, it becomes necessary for them to change the locks. (It is no longer safe nowadays to move in a new residence and still use the previous tenant’s locks. This because it is very easy nowadays to have keys copied and such a person may rob you when you are not around.) In such cases, such a person generally has two options; they can either decide to change the entire lock, or they can choose to rekey. Our good friends at provide some useful information about the subject.

What is rekeying?

rekeyingggggRekeying is the act of replacing the lock pins that are located within the lock cylinder and changing the tumbler (wafer) configuration. This is set in a way to ensure only the specifically cut keys will work on that lock alone. The next step requires cutting the new set of keys as per the number of copies you need. Once the lock is rekeyed, the old keys will no longer work on it. There are several reasons that one may want to rekey their locks. Some of the benefits that come with rekeying locks include:

It is cost effective

This is actually one of the greatest reasons that most people will go for rekeying rather than changing locks. Rekeying locks will to a great extent save you a lot of money while you still get to enjoy the same services as with changing the locks. This is especially effective where there are many locks involved. The most important thing to ensure is that you get the best locksmith for the job.

Shorter time involved

Rekeying cannot be compared to changing locks when it comes to the duration. Rekeying is quite a fast and straightforward way of having the keys replaced. All that is needed is to easily change the cylinders and cut new keys. This is opposed to changing a whole lock where you need to go to the stores and start selecting the locks that you like best. This is especially important if there are many locks in the house.

Improved security

There is also the advantage of improved security since with the new cut keys; one can be able to control the number of keys that are given out. Doing this ensures that the ones to whom the keys are given are able to act responsibly in keeping the keys safe. This ensures the home owners know those people who actually have access to their house thus ensuring security.


one keyThis is for those who do not like carrying so many keys. One can have all the locks in the house rekeyed to be opened by a single key. This is convenient as you will only need to carry that one key for all the doors. It is actually quite convenient to carry only one key for the whole house. However, in such a case, you will also need to be very careful when carrying the key as losing it means that whoever finds it will have full access to the house or business premises.

The only disadvantage with rekeying is that there is a risk that the locksmith might rip you off. If they cut the keys for you, dishonest locksmith might retain a key and wait until you are not home to empty your house. In such a case, it is important to ensure that you can trust the locksmith whom you hire to work for you. Doing so will ensure that you are always safe.

However, even with great caution, mistakes do happen and there is no way that one can fully eliminate risk. In such cases, one can combine both methods, that is rekeying and changing locks. For instance, you can have the interior locks rekeyed while the outer door locks are changed. This will ensure that anyone who would want to gain entry into the house is barred by the first door. This will ensure that your home is fully secure. Whichever method that one chooses should be one that they are most comfortable with in all aspects be it security, cost, convenience and time. This is because both methods are geared at providing you optimum security at the most effective cost.

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